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the Constitution (r)

	General Aung San fought against the facists and Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi has been fighting against the facists, SLORC too.  There is no clue
of betrail.  In your/SLORC's facist and exterme racist belief, the fact
that she got married the British husband, is the flaw!  Why Did you and
the entire SLORC shut your mouths when Ne Win married a foreigner?  Even
up to now, from behind, he is supervising and manipulating the country to
the economic, social, and political chao.   
	Your effords to defame her are such jokes.  There is no ground
you can accuse her as a betrail person for being married a foreigner. 
That expresses extreme racist, facist, and cunning stance of you and the
	Speaking of the constitution, SLORC has nothing to do with it and
the people and their representatives only must draw the constitution. 
The law written by SLORC will never become the people's constitution and
it will ever be the SLORC's constitution for retaining the seized power. 

Nyein Chan 

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Why do you want to worship someone who has betrayed her father's cause?
Worshiping her won't save the nation from any trauma.Our country isn't