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Ecuador/Texaco Lawsuit

Re Texaco, and oil destruction, retrieved, dated, but valid
 metta, ds
Worldwide TOTAL Boycott

Ron Mader wrote:
> The report was on NPR last week - but that's hardly the place for
> ground-breaking news. In fact, the story was previewed in the December 1996
> issue of Centroamerica, published by the Minneapolis Resource Center.
> (Email: rctamn@maroon@tc.umn.edu; Web: http://www.americas.org/rcta/).
> And who is defending Texaco here? The article, Texaco ruling to be
> appealed,  reads - and this I'd like to verify:
> "As it extracted 1.4 billion barrels of oil from the Amazon region from
> 1968 to 1992, Texaco destroyed more than 1 million hectares of tropical
> forest, spilled 74 million liters of oil and dumped 18 million liters of
> toxic waste."
> JOwen82504@xxxxxxx,Internet SMTP writes:
> >> Can you believe this?! This is an unbelievable and welcome turn around by
> Ecuador, considering their previous well documented opposition to any court
> actions against Texaco.  If anyone could verify this report, I would be
> grateful.
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