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Did U Aung San make this law?-II

Dear Ko Hla Min,

Further to my message to you earlier today. It is not at all unusual in 
an international context for a head of state or government to have a 
foreign spouse. The Queen of my own country, Sweden, was born German, 
lived for many years in Brazil, and later acquired Swedish citizenship; 
King Hussein of Jordan is married to an American lady; president Syngman 
Rhee of South Korea had an Austrian wife; Ne Win, while president of 
Burma, was married for two years to June Rose Bellamy, a British citizen 
who has lived in Australia and Italy; former Thai prime minister Thanin 
Kraivixien has a Danish wife; the wife of the late Rajiv Gandhi, prime 
minister of India, was born an Italian and later became an Indian 
citizen; the present president of India, K. Naryanan, has a wife who was 
born a Burmese citizen. The list could be made much longer. Please let's 
concentrate on some real issues instead of presenting distored versions 
of Burmese and international law.

Bertil Lintner