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     Myanmar monk's uncanny prediction 

     SOME years ago, when national marathoner Yvonne Danson was in Myanmar, she
     was told that she would not succeed on the South-east Asia stage. 

     At first she brushed that aside as just another reading of her palms. 

     But after what happened at the 19th SEA Games in Jakarta yesterday, the
     38-year-old is having second thoughts. 

     "There can be no rational explanation for this. Except maybe to begin
believing that
     the monk from Myanmar was right. 

     "It was one of those small temples that I just happened to walk in and
there he was
     reading palms. I told myself why not? 

     "And he was very close with all the details. He said that I drove a red
car to work --
     which was right. And he guessed my daily routine rather accurately. It
was amazing. 

     "Then he said that South-east Asia was never going to be good for me.
That I will
     not taste success in the region. 

     "Then I dismissed it. But after this happened, not once but twice, I am
beginning to
     feel that maybe I should go and see him again. Someone has put a curse
on me or

     "It is so funny how specific he was and there can be no other
explanation for this. I
     don't believe in these things but now I am not too sure."