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Let's Accuse As We Are Accostomed t

I had never touched funds from any organizations and I was not ousted
from any groups for any reason.  Moreover, I am still a member of an
organization.   That is quite ridiculous.  It is not a worthy time
consumption since you are just just defaming without knowing anything.  I
don't see any thing to discuss in your message.
Nyein Chan

UStiger9@xxxxxxx wrote-

Hello Ma or Ko Nyein Chan and his or her fellows,
Well, let me get in! 
At first I should introduce myself. I am a fomer member of ABSDF now
in U.S.A. I always support ABSDF, financially plus morally ,and most of
students do the same thing in here too.Obviously, ABSDF  no longer
those who were then members of Org. and now live in third countries
their Rep, but request financial aids occasionally in crisis situation at
border area. As a former member, I understand how they are surviving out
there, on the front line,they got to confront  SLORC, in the back Thai
 government plus alliances are in ceasefire, some are at the negotiation
table and many of capable members left to third countries, and
face more diffculities,but I really respect who are still in there,
trying to
mobilize political movement inside Burma. Once Ko Aung htoo said in Dawn
magazine that "revolution is like passenger-train" inside the train there
many kinds of people, if some people get tired, they can take a relex, if
some people want to jump in the train, they can, if some people want to
out, they can do so, but the  train is keep moving toward the final
destination with or without you. For me is whoever wants to jump into the
train, just jump in, but do not wreck the running train please. 
Now,I have seen some of them have been criticizing ABSDF since Shwe 88,
posted the title " freedom of expression" signed by pro-democracy Burmese
students group, why don't you put all the names? Like
xxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx,that would be more fancy, some have never been
 member of ABSDF, including Nyein chan and shwe, some got expelled from
because he or she misused Org. funds, but now they are talking  about
funds, scary! hah hah I still expecting use of their names, now Julian
just came out that is good omen, telling here, a debate? what is debate?.
Sorry I just lost it or I don't get it yet, next time put an agenda like'
Julian Moe got to U.S?' One thing I was so surprised, they talk Burmese
national politics louder and louder in USA and in reality back in BKK,
were hardly seen in students' politic  movement, because fearing Thai
if you need more informations regarding absdf, you can ask Amnesty
international, Yin Dee ( the nation newspaper) or Kachin Kyaw Kyaw.(
commender Than Chaung)
I think, Nyien Chen is so shy,she or he probably talk already with AB's
leaders, but the thing is, so funny she or he could not identify him or
herself,  what is shame!
I can understand for Kyaw Zay ya who has been defending so hard for U Tin
who hired him for internship in RFA.
I have been giving respect to Burmese old people, I will always do
at this point, I can't give respect to a few of those grumpy old men,
actually they are not smart enough to tell us what to do, what they
should do
is, stay out of the game please!

Thank you for reading, I hope, there will be happier series next time for