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Let Speak Frankly!

Dear no name!
	I will defend whoever do right thing for his or her right
behaviour.  There is nothing to do with my summer internship.  If it were
you, I would defend you too.  I don't understand why you and Taw Kyaung
Tha focus on accusing other people without proper gound.  You guys are
great groundless accusers!
	Think first.  Why did you leave ABSDF and come to US?  Did you
misuse funds?  I never ever do and I hate those things.  As your
statement, everybody who points out such organizations and left,  have 
misused funds
one way or another. That includes you too due to your statement.  Your
catgeorizing are very  funny though. 
	Let me ask you that are those all you learnt from the revolution?
I wish you could get RFA internship.  I really sorry that you missed it.
However, it is not the reason why I wrote in defence of U Soe Thin.  The
reason is that RFA did not do wrong.  Not only me wrote, U Thaung,
ShweBama, Ko Myin Swe and Ko Nyein Chan wrote too.  Some foreigners from
Australia wrote to exercise proper democracy too.
	What is the debate?  I think you should bring up the facts to
think and discuss.  But now your  message really sounds just an accusation
to all without having proper ground.  I hate wasting my study time by this

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University