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UNOCAL recently sold its "76" market, along with West Coast refineries to
Tosco Corp.  Despite the sale, Tosco will still have benefits of using the
name "UNOCAL" on their 76 gas stations and products.

This was taken from UNOCAL's homepage:

"Tosco will receive a five-year license to use the name "Unocal" where
currently used in West Coast petroleum products downstream."

"Tosco will receive a 10-year license to use the name "Unocal" in the
worldwide lube business."

We might want to try and persuade TOSCO to strip all of their gas stations
and products of the name 'UNOCAL'.  It would be to their benefit to strip
the 'UNOCAL' title, especially if we threatened to continue protests and
boycotts so long as they retain the name 'UNOCAL' on their 76 gas stations.  

Although it may seem like an insignificant battle, I really think it could
send a strong message to UNOCAL.  And also, if TOSCO remains stubborn about
all this, we at least have an excuse to rally in front of 76's.  Image is
everything, and if TOSCO wants to retain their 'UNOCAL' image, then they're
going to have to take the consequences of keeping the title as well.  

Lastly, 76 gas stations have served as our #1 arena of "BOYCOTT UNOCAL"
demonstrations.  This is the our most visual and effective place for UNOCAL
protests.  Their money may not be in the stations anymore, but their title
will.  We should let them know that we will demonstrate any place where
there's a UNOCAL written.  If we decide not to continue with 76
demonstrations, UNOCAL could see this as a victory for them since protests
will obviously diminish.

This is only a suggestion.  I'm sure we could use more dialogue on this issue.

heres more info: