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Let's speak frankly ( series 1) (r)

Hi there!

Please come back to Thailand and take up arms.

They do not need much people to represent there.

>From: UStiger9@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Let's speak frankly ( series 1)
>To: Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello Ma or Ko Nyein Chan and his or her fellows,
>Well, let me get in! 
>At first I should introduce myself. I am a fomer member of ABSDF now 
>in U.S.A. I always support ABSDF, financially plus morally ,and most of
>students do the same thing in here too.Obviously, ABSDF  no longer 
>those who were then members of Org. and now live in third countries 
>their Rep, but request financial aids occasionally in crisis situation 
>border area. As a former member, I understand how they are surviving 
>there, on the front line,they got to confront  SLORC, in the back Thai
> government plus alliances are in ceasefire, some are at the 
>table and many of capable members left to third countries, and 
>face more diffculities,but I really respect who are still in there, 
trying to
>mobilize political movement inside Burma. Once Ko Aung htoo said in 
>magazine that "revolution is like passenger-train" inside the train 
there are
>many kinds of people, if some people get tired, they can take a relex, 
>some people want to jump in the train, they can, if some people want to 
>out, they can do so, but the  train is keep moving toward the final
>destination with or without you. For me is whoever wants to jump into 
>train, just jump in, but do not wreck the running train please. 
>Now,I have seen some of them have been criticizing ABSDF since Shwe 88,
>posted the title " freedom of expression" signed by pro-democracy 
>students group, why don't you put all the names? Like
>xxxxx,xxxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx,that would be more fancy, some have never been
> member of ABSDF, including Nyein chan and shwe, some got expelled from 
>because he or she misused Org. funds, but now they are talking  about 
>funds, scary! hah hah I still expecting use of their names, now Julian 
>just came out that is good omen, telling here, a debate? what is 
>Sorry I just lost it or I don't get it yet, next time put an agenda 
like' How
>Julian Moe got to U.S?' One thing I was so surprised, they talk Burmese
>national politics louder and louder in USA and in reality back in BKK, 
>were hardly seen in students' politic  movement, because fearing Thai 
>if you need more informations regarding absdf, you can ask Amnesty
>international, Yin Dee ( the nation newspaper) or Kachin Kyaw Kyaw.( 
>commender Than Chaung)
>I think, Nyien Chen is so shy,she or he probably talk already with AB's
>leaders, but the thing is, so funny she or he could not identify him or
>herself,  what is shame!
>I can understand for Kyaw Zay ya who has been defending so hard for U 
Tin Soe
>who hired him for internship in RFA.
>I have been giving respect to Burmese old people, I will always do 
>at this point, I can't give respect to a few of those grumpy old men,
>actually they are not smart enough to tell us what to do, what they 
should do
>is, stay out of the game please!
>Thank you for reading, I hope, there will be happier series next time 

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