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Re Please forward

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>Subject: Please forward 
>Rt. Hon. Ambassador MATSUURA
>Ambassade du Japon
>7 ave Hoche 
>75008 Paris 		October 16, 1997
>N. tel 01 48 88 62 00
>N. fax 01 42 67 47 35
>Concerning URGENT CALL TO STOP REPATRIATION of Burmese citizen, refugee
>in exile in Japan at risk of life danger
>This message is communicated by Euro-Burmanet, Paris
>Distinguished Ambassador,
>In view of your concern for human rights and the honorable image of
>Japan, we call upon your good offices to communicate immediately the
>outrage and concern among the large community in France dedicated to
>freedom and democracy in Burma under the leadership of Nobel Prize
>Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in regards to the actual tragic situation
>of  Ko Mya Wai, a democracy activist Japan actually about to repatriate.
>We call upon your good office to intervene with the Japanese authorities
>urging them NOT to deport him. 
>The following URGENT communique is enclosed for your information.
> On behalf of (Joint Action Committee-Japan, we thank you for your
>support in this critical hour.
>Dawn Star
>EuroBurmanet (Paris)