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Invitation for Foreign Affairs' Sem

			Occasional Seminar Series
      			  presented a forum on 

	The First Australian Foreign and Trade Policy White Paper

		presented by The Hon. Alexander Downer MHR

		Minister for Foreign Affairs

		and including comments from

Peter Hartcher, Asia-Pacific Editor
Australian Financial Review

Catherina Toh, Corporate Counsel
County Natwest Australia Ltd

Monday 27th October 1997
6.30 pm sharp

Coles Theatre, Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton, 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Australia's first ever White Paper on Foreign and Trade Policy reinforced 
the notion that our economic and strategies survival is inextricably 
linked with the Asia Pacific region. Tabled by the Government in 
parliament last month, the report found that Asia was now our highest 

The White Paper, In The National Interest, presents the principles and 
priorities shaping our Government's foreign affairs and trade policy and 
identifies globalisation and the economic rise of East Asia as key points 
of influence. It identifies China, Japan, Indonesia and the US as our 
four key international relationships.

The paper supports trade liberalisation through APEC and the WTO and 
notes that this will bring long term employment gains.

What are the implications for Australia' trade and industry? How will the 
government implement the White Paper's policy prescription? Why is 
government's China policy in the national interest? Will East Asia engage 
us? How will direct pursuit of the national interest impact on our 
multilateral relations and notions of Australia as a good international 

Our panel of presenters will disseminate issues arising from the White 
Paper and discuss its strategic importance.

Admission $10.00, Students (with ID) and University of Melbourne staff 
$5.00, Free to Evening Seminar Series Associates and Asialink Circle Members

Please RSVP (aaceptance only) to Elaine Kininmonth at Asialink
Tel: (03) 93491899
Fax: (03) 93471768