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What Is the Reliability of Your Wor

I let you know that I'm a representative of ABSDF but not alone. There
are many of students representing the ABSDF as a mother organization and
supporting for its existence.   (Aung Kyaw wrote in his first message)

What do you mean your group? You mean the ABSDF? If you mean this, it is 
still need to be acomplished. ABSDF is not my group but more than that. 
I came from the ABSDF and support it as a student organization 
struggling on the border. I wrote this on the net because I received it 
in my account.   (Aung Kyaw wrote again today)

How can people understand you?   I don't want to get into personal fight
but that doesn't mean I am afraid of you.  I don't want to consume my
time with that unreliable people only.