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inside Loikaw jail

News released by ABSDF regarding deteriorating conditions inside Loikaw
jail, Kayah State

The general condition of the prisoners, detained with political and criminal
charges, inside Loikaw jail, Kayah State is deteriorating. Jail authorities
treat them badly as if they are animals. The condition of the women inside
the jail is especially worse. 

Out of 70 woman prisoners in Loikaw jail, some were due to beliefs. They,
who were imprisoned due to beliefs, were tortured by military intelligence
led by Lieutenant Kyaw Kyaw Thu and Lieutenant Kyaw Win from Loikaw
intelligence #27 by means of giving punch, battering with stick, letting
them knee down on the broken pieces of glasses, exposing to a powerful light
close to the eyes for a long time. It was narrated by a woman who escaped
after one-year imprisonment in Loikaw jail.

There were no special opportunities for pregnant women and those who have
menstruation. Instead of sending women with labor pains to a hospital, they
were left helpless and letting them give birth their babies inside prison
with available means. Furthermore, some women were raped by a jailer named
Sunny, who was transformed from warrant officer from army. AIDS was spread
among prisoners due to indiscriminate use of unclean needles and only those
who can afford 5,000-10,000 Kyats as a bribe have the chance of better
medical care in hospital using sterile disposable needles.

Although there were 800 prisoners in Loikaw jail most of them were political
prisoners charged with The Law arbitrarily denouncing legal parties as
illegal and emergency act. Although prisoners sentenced up to 5 years were
used as porters at SLORC front line column before, those sentenced up to 10
years were also used since many porters died at front line. Porters were
forced to give labor brutally by SLORC soldiers. If they were unable to
carry goods or could not continue walking after illness - instead of giving
medical care - SLORC soldiers cruelly killed them by battering with pole. It
was narrated by an eyewitness named Ko Thaung Tin (37 years) who fled to
Thai Burmese border recently after serving as a porter at SLORC column. He
was from Ok Pho Township, Pegu province. 

U Saw Oo Rae, Member of Parliament (NLD) from Fruso Township, was ill on
December 10, 1997 in Loikaw jail. The condition became worse and he was
hospitalized with iron fetters during the first week of June. Due to the
above-mentioned facts, the situation inside Loikaw jail, Kayah State, was
remarkably deteriorating.  

All Burma Students' Democratic Front
Date: October 15, 1997

(Translate by Orchestra Burma)

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