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Teachers being faced with forced to

Teachers being faced with forced to resign

According to  a middle school teacher's report,  who 
fled to  Mae Sod,  Thailand in  March 1997  from Pha 
Pon town,  Karen State, each and  every teacher from 
any school  had to take  10,000 Kyats  compulsorily. 
Even though they asked whether they had to reimburse 
it or not,  the government  did not respond  at all. 
Only  after  one year,  the government  declared  to 
reimburse  it  completely  within  one  year.   Many 
teachers unable to reimburse were dismissed. He him-
self came to (xxxxxx) to work at a workshop with the 
aim of  paying back the debts and was working there. 
He had to move to Mae Sod after getting into trouble 
when asked for wages from employer.  Due to the fact 
that he would like to go back  to Myanmar to work as 
a teacher after getting the money he owed some facts 
related to him were kept as confidential.         

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