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Ramos & Burma Deal

Subj:	 President Ramos and the Burma Deal !
Date:	97-10-15 12:46:49 EDT
>From:	BurmaJapan@xxxxxxx (Philip McCracken, III)
Reply-to:	Rangoonp@xxxxxxx
To:	milag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC:	Rangoonp@xxxxxxx

I am the Associate Editor of the Rangoon Post here in Washigton, D.C.
a member of the Free Burma Association.   We wish to comment about
Ramos' recent visit and agreement with the country of Burma.  
  President Ramos is from a democratic country and he is dealing with
the military
group called the SLORC.  The SLORC are NOT the legal or elected elected
of Burma.  They rule by force and fear, not by favor.  
  Why does the Philippines pursue business with wrong government.  The
NLD and
Dr. Sein Win is the elected and legal government of Burma as of 1990. 
Would the 
Philippine government mind if we do business with the military directly
a rebel group ??