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Immediate Action Call (r)

     Dear Ko Tin Kyi,
     I faxed the letter to the People's Forum on Burma regarding Ko Mya 
     Wai. I wish all of you the best.
     Peace and brotherhood,
     TLwin -)

tinkyi wrote:
> ATTN: All
> Please take a moment to (1) read this important message (if you 
> haven't
> already done so) about Ko Mya Wai, a democracy activist Japan is about 
> to
> repatriate, and (2) write to the Japanese authorities urging them NOT 
> to
> deport him.  Japan is very conscious about its international image, so 
> pressure from abroad can make a big difference not only for Ko Mya Wai 
> but
> also the rest of us who have applied for refugee status here. 
> Thank you for your support in this critical hour. 
> On behalf of (Joint Action Committee-Japan.) 
> Metta,
> Tin Kyi ( General Secretary )
> Burma Youth Volunteer Association-Japan 

> 4. Mya Wai's return to Burma