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One minute silence and contemplatio

Dear ALL,

1.  Could you please join in "one minute silence and contemplation" 
    to the quick recovery of U WIN TIN, Dr. AUNG KHIN SINT and 
    U CHO AUNG THAN. Please do it now!

2.  Please let me remind you of the medical care offer posted by 
    U Nwe Aung, Burma Bureau Germany. 

3.  We have many Burmese medical doctors outside Burma. Should not
    we organise for all three persons to receive medical care abroad? 
    Eg. one in UK, one in Germany and one in US or NL or DK or 
    South Africa or,......

If there anyone who can organise this task, I am willing to assist.
Let me know asap. Time is flying!!!

With metta and solidarity,