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Philippinese Ramos Does Not Meet Su

MANILA, Oct 13 (Reuters) - Philippine President Fidel Ramos said he would use
gentle persuasion rather than criticism to spread the gospel of democracy to
Burma during a three-nation Asian tour. 

``We will share, but will not impose, our experiences in rebuilding our
democratic institutions, in forging national reconciliation, in moving the
peace process forward and reforming our economy,'' Ramos said of his October
15-17 visit to Burma. 

Ramos's trip to Rangoon, the first to that country by a head of state of the
Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) since the group accepted
Burma as a member in July, will be sandwiched between visits to Hong Kong and

The president is unlikely to meet Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu
Kyi, despite attempts by the Philippines' government to set up a meeting. 

``As far as we know, it is not on the agenda,'' a spokesman for the
Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said when asked about the
possibility of a meeting. 

Ramos said before leavingK leaders and allowed the party to hold a congress. 

He said ASEAN's policy of constructive engagement would help Burma and Laos
``evolve in ways that will lead to the greater growth of their economies and
unleash the full participation of their citizenries.'' 

ASEAN groups Brunei, Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,
the Philippines and Vietnam. 

Ramos last year received a Burmese official mission in Manila and said they
had asked him for advice on how the Philippines had shifted successfully from
dictatorship to democracy. 

Ferdinand Marcos ruled the Philippines for 20 years before he was ousted in
1986 in a popular uprising. 

01:51 10-13-97