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Fed up with Nyein Chan (r)

Why don't you send the message to Nyein Chan directly to ask and to force
him to tell his real name.  I don't think Ko Nyein Chan should reply and
tell him.  That is the funniest message I have ever read.  You know who
you are and do you know how does your message sound?  You are using
hotmail too and you are also hiding your name too.  Can you tell me who
you are?  But I really doubt that is that all your methods to persecute
him?   If you and your group still want to commit more murder just try to
find out by writing directly to him.  I reply from the net because your
message came into my account from the net. Just write directly to him as
you and your colleagues saying.  I think next time, I should also send all
news I get about the so-called democracy leaders on the border.
Kyaw Zay Ya

On 13 Oct 1997 lukalay@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> To Nyein Chan, 
> I don't want to disturb anybody else by writing this letter.  But I am 
> getting fed up with Nyein Chan.  It is getting clear to me that he is 
> trying to provoke others on the lists.  
> Nyein Chan  -  As long as you can't tell your real name and address, 
> don't send any more messages.  I don't care what ever reasons you give 
> to cover up your real life. Remember  - Free Speech or Freedom of Media 
> doesn't mean that you can say what ever you want. Especially the kind of 
> information you are posting on the net,   need to clarify yourself.  
> Tell me if there is any newspapers that will print your message, without 
> knowing your real name and address.  Therefore, people who moderate the 
> lists have full right to kick you out or ask you to stop posting your 
> non-sense advocate on freedom of media. 
> One more thing Nyein Chan - I got this email address after reading your 
> messages.  Thanks!  You know quite a lot of free E-mail account offer. 
> Don't you?  Hotmail! Juno! Excite! What else Nyein Chan? Let us know if 
> there is any more free E-mail accounts that we can open.  I used it just 
> to show an example to others how it is so easy to cover up your real 
> life and post messages what ever you want under the name of free speech. 
> Who know! you might be Ohkka or another Ohkka.
> Lukalay
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Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University