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News relating SLORC and KNPP meetin

News relating SLORC and KNPP meeting

A delegation from SLORC arrived at Mae Hong Song airport on October 9 at 3
PM. Although it had been appointed on October 8, there was delay due to bad
weather. There were five members including a bishop So Tay Ro from Loi Kaw
and U Khon Mya (Roman Catholic bishop). During their arrival bishop So Tay
Ro made holy communion to the God according to Catholic religion at Nann
Swear village in Mae Hong Song province. It was So Tay Ro, the only one, who
performed the celebration. On Friday, October 10 at 1 PM, five SLORC
delegation members, including bishop So Tay Ro, discussed with KNPP
government, including Chairman Htae Phuu Phae, Deputy Chairman U Aung Than
Lay, Secretary U Re Man Htoo, Minister of news and information U Rae,
General Be Htoo at Beirut Hotel. U Khon Mya and bishop So Tay Ro were the
main leaders in discussions and it took one hour. U Khon Mya from SLORC
stated that the agreement of cease-fire was not cancelled and KNPP
government was invited to Rangoon to meet with them for the benefit of
people from both sides and for the sake of revolution. Good results can be
expected only after peaceful discussions regarding past events. General Aung
Than Lay said that if they had to come, they must be legally invited. If it
were only talks they were not official and it must be done with deed of
agreement in the presence of witnesses. There were many events, encountered
in Kayah State, which were contrary to previous agreements. The events were
known. Regarding this it should be discussed with persons, who were
specifically responsible for that case, replied by U Khon Mya. In the
evening, they discussed about matters relating to visit Rangoon at their
KNPP central committee meeting. The meeting continues the next evening on
October 11. SLORC delegation left on October 11, 1997, it was learnt. 
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