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Information Sheet No.A-0167(I) (r)

At 12:19 AM 10/12/97, you wrote:
>                Information Sheet
>                  ****************
>No.A-0167(I)				Date. 12-10-97	
>Technical Services and Constructionn of Industrial Plants in Myanmar ( by U
>Win Aung Lay )
>		 Since its establishment as a wing corporation of the Ministry of Industry
>2, Technical Services has played a major contributory role in developing
>industrial establishments in Myanmar by the construction of factories and
>industrial plants wherever suitable and feasible, throughout the country. It
>was primarily conceived and founded under the Ministry of Industry 2 as the "
>Technical Services Corporation",to:
>· Conduct project studies.
>· Undertake civil construction projects.
>· Install and erect machinery and equipment.
>· Install energy and utility facilities.
>· Implement projects directed towards the development of the economy.
>		To implement these tasks a preliminary study was conducted by the Technical
>Services Corporation (TSC) in 1975. With financial assistance from the UNDP
>and the World Bank, a detailed study was made by UNICO Internatioal
>Corporation of Japan, and a supporting study on the marketing and
>distribution of the product "Urea" was conducted by the Fertilizer
>Corporation of India, with the then TSC as an active partner. The outcome was
>a urea fertilizer factory at Kyawzwa with a capacity of 600 tons per day and
>another at Sa-le with a capacity of 260 tons per day. Similar studies
>conducted on its own or in cooperation with foreign consultants resulted in a
>number of other important projects. The Technical Services, as it is now
>known, has rendered many vital services in civil construction as well as
>mechanical construction and installations with its own crew of engineers,
>skilled workers and fleet of heavy construction projects, some of which are
>listed below.
>· 25,000bbls/sd MannRefinery.(1976-Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Japan)
>· 25ton/day Pulp and Paper Mill, Yeni(1976-Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan)
>· No.1 Copper Project, Monywa(1980)
>· 600 ton/day Urea Fertilizer Factory(1981 Uhde GmbH Germany)
>· 450 ton/day Methanol Plant Seiktha(1981 Voest Alpine AG Austria)
>· 260ton/day Urea Factory (1981 Voest Alpine AG Austria)
>· 5200 bbls/day Thanlyin Coker Plant (1983 Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan )
>· Office buildings, department stores, town halls, religious, banks.
>· School, commercial buildings, hotels etc:(1988 to date)
>· The Myawaddy Television Station(1993)
>· The Myanmar Hwafuh International Ltd Garment Factory(1994)
>· Rothman of Pall Mall (Myanmar)Pte.Ltd Cigarette Factory(1994)
>· Triumph International Ltd Garment Factory (1995)
>· The Myanmar Daewoo Electronic Co.Ltd. Factory (1995)
>· The Myanmar Heavy Industries Electronic Appliances Factory(1995)
>		Active involvement in the actual construction of these plants led to the
>realization that supplying locally available materials such as cement, timber
>and concrete making aggregates posed no problems. But strict industrial
>standards and construction specifications demands a very high standard of
>workmanship. Safety standards were also strictly observed during construction
>as the plants, when on stream, had to run on dangerous chemicals and highly
>explosive gases. Most of the welding seams are high pressure or high
>temperature pipes and vessels, whether it be of ordinary mild steel or
>stainless steel or of alloys, and most have to undergo and pass X-ray tests
>before being commissioned. To achieve such quality in workmanship, Technical
>Services have organized and trained fitters and welders into a finely skilled
>work force and put them to test before fielding them. Technical Services has
>the distinction of being the sole government concern with experience in the
>construction of industrial plants. Therefore, those interested in
>establishing industrial projects in Myanmar are invited to contact us at all
>times. Technical Services is always at your service!
Dear Ko Okkar,
Thank you for letting me know health condition of Ko Win Tin.
Again thank you.