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Eco-Scrap & AQMD (r)

I was at the AQMD board meeting.  It seems that Alarcon would be open 
to proposing a selective purchasing policy for the AQMD.  He seemed 
to indicate that without one currently in place, legally they could 
not consider Burma involvement for the contract recommended that day, 
but he didn't seem to close the door on considering it in the future.

With a number of the board members abstaining along with Alarcon, it 
seems that they also did not want to support the Eco-Scrap contract, 
but legally they were not comfortable voting against it.

The AQMD will continue to issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) to which
Unocal or Eco-Scrap might respond. As an example, at the same 
board meeting, the AQMD just released a RFP to purchase unleaded 
gasoline, and each quarter they will continue to accept AQIP 

If you are working with Alarcon on his LA city proposal, it might be 
worth asking him to also initiate one for the AQMD.

Jon K. Owyang
Market-Based Solutions