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An Open Letter to the SLORC


      It is difficult at time to find the right words to express one's
feelings about human activity that seems to go beyond what normal human
beings expect from their fellow creatures.  The leaders of the SLORC (State
Law and Order Restoration Council) and its hand maiden, the Tatmadaw, are
Burma's number one problem and is its most evil force.

     The policy and tactics of the SLORC and Tatmadaw have no redeeming
social values or grace.  The destruction of villages for no reason, the
killing of innocent people, the lies and distortions perpetrated upon the
people of Burma to say nothing of the decoit practiced in International
circle, is clearly a manifestation of massive character flaws in the leaders
of the SLORC and Tatmadaw.  No one trusts you and all condemn you.  You gain
nothing from this demonstration of raw, bellicose and rapacious exercises of

     A British politician said it best when he said - "Power corrupts and
absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Since it is clear that SLORC and
Tatmadaw exercise absolute power, you therefore  are corrupts and are an evil
sore on the body politic of Burma.  This sore is so bad that there is no cure
except to excise it.  GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR HEADS.  

      Not only do you corrupt your society.  You also corrupt other societies
by supporting and actively participating in one of the most evil of
activities - the growing, harvesting and preparation of narcotics to be
exported not just with in Burma, but all over the world.  You make your
selves ever more corrupt.  You are insensitive and cynical of the well being
of your own people and others around the world.

      In short the SLORC and Tatmadaw are not fit to rule.  You do not have
the legal right to rule as your regime came into power illegally according to
Burmese law as well as international law and you maintain that illegality by
brutal force.  By that mode of conduct you are not only illegal, but also
immoral and unethical as well.

     So far as I have read in all religions and especially in Buddhism, there
is no redemption for you except to give up your power, position, and renounce
all worldly goods and go forever into seclusion and pray for salvation.  No
amount of doing good in building of pagodas, alms-giving nor any other
penance can save you.  You are beyond redemption unless you renounce your
schemes and retire into seclusion and thereby let the people Burma rule
themselves.  The people have far more wisdom than you and certainly have more

      The leaders of the SLORC and Tatmadaw reflect those under them who
support them whether willingly or not.  If the result of the election which
gave the NLD 85% of the vote is any indication, your base of support is
strictly in the Army which may number only one in 90 persons in Burma.  Small
wonder you constantly live in fear and can't allow for the free expression of
ideas.  You know you would lose.  So why not get out while you can save your
skin?  You are more to be pitied than praised.