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Ko Aung Kyaw and Ko Zar Ni POINTING

Dear Ko Nyein Chan,

 According to your first letter, you accused me as a blind supporter to 
ABSDF. You did express the ABSDF as an organization on the border under 
malfunctioning and poor leadership. This is what can clearly be 
interpreted from your letter. If you intended to improve the ABSDF, this 
was not support to do so. Since you are in Thailand, you just go or 
contact the ABSDF and find out what happen is correct or not and discuss 
with those people. Saying where I heard this and that form those and 
these sources is not the way to improve the organization.

If you have the positive motive you dare to say who you are since you 
feel sincerely to see the improvement in those organizations. My name is 
Aung Kyaw. I used hotmail because I can't effort to own a computer and 
use it on the public seat. It's not my pen name. I represents the ABSDF 
as the others do and I response your massage to reveal your motive and 
defense the spirit of those people striking for the struggle.

However, I realise that responding all such what every Tom, Dick and 
Harry just accusing others with the intention of hurting those 
particular organizations are merely time consuming and will not bring 
the positive results among us.

The ABSDF know what they are doing and won't spend their time eating 
fish paste and having malaria in the jungle without intention to improve 
the struggle. If you really want to see the advance and cooperate with 
those of whom, just discuss with them directly and support those of who 
struggling with what you can rather than cristising. 

In the struggle, we have to find a common ground we all can meet 
together and support each other ,without jealousy and narrow mind, to 
improve the struggle.


Aung Kyaw
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>Dear Ko Aung Kyaw and Ko Zar Ni,
>                 Sorry for my late reply and for replying in a message 
>for both.  First of all, what is the definition of blackmail Ko Aung 
>Kyaw?  Many newspapers and many news agencies quote reliable sources 
>without saying their identifications.  For example, when ABSDF sends 
>internal information on the net, it doesn't mention the sources because 
>of the security reason.  Everyone understand that.  According to your 
>standard and definition, all seem like involving in blackmail.  When 
>say the news will not be reliable without saying the source exactly, do 
>you think about those factors too.  I can't provide security for them 
>and so I can't tell their names.  You will not even think to provide 
>security.  When ABSDF and all news groups sending out information under 
>that circumfrence, that doesn't mean blackmail at all.  Please make 
>you know what you are saying.  I feel cold in my backbone when asked to 
>identify the source.   I am afraid of their security if I don't keep 
>secret.   Blackmail is defined that when someone is asking a demand in 
>return for not disclosing information about something.   I take 
>responsibility over what I sent.  I can prove and I have sufficient 
>documents.  However, you have the right to say that those are wrong or 
>right.  You didn't say anything that whether those were right or wrong.  
>If you think you are sure those are wrong, you can post it on net and I 
>will prove.   I am writing with my penname and so are you.   Well, 
>whether your accusation is meanful or not.   I am just wondering that 
>accusing sending blackmail is a new means to stop others' opinion?  Spy 
>and then, blackmail!  You hid your position in the guise of a supporter 
>only and you were not sincere when you wrote the message.   Why 
>you present ABSDF response as a representative of it?    
>              First, I have to tell you that, I know what effects could 
>happen when I posted ABSDF internal informations.   I will tell you my 
>intention under this. No reason should be an execuse to withhold 
>information.   Moreover, I know that those will hurt our images (not 
>only ABSDF but also all).  However, when you keep quiet, those become 
>parasites and will jeopardise the whole struggle.  BSPP shew only good 
>images of it to the people and never expressed its weakness to the 
>people honestly.   When the people learnt about those weakness, all 
>things were in bad shapes.  We as revolutionaries, should be sincere 
>open to the public.  So that all can get the whole picture to examine 
>and to help.  You have asked Radio Free Asia to stop broadcasting about 
>the execution too.  Please stop practicising that suppresive acts as 
>BSPP did and SLORC does.  Those are not good to copy though.  
>               I sent out those informations with the following 
>intention.   To compare and examine the past situation and present 
>situation.  To make all aware that we have weakness and that we need a 
>change.  Moreover, could you find any word that I criticize ABSDF?  I 
>didn't criticize and I just pointed out the points and urged to mend 
>those.   You didn't read the message well.   In our struggle, you know, 
>I know and everyone knows that we have weakness but we never talked and 
>discuss about and never find out how to mend them.  Never seek help 
>others too.  Moreover, we seem much reluctant to accept that we have 
>weakness.  It is pretty late and we must talk and discuss about those 
>weakness in order to find remendies.   
>               Look! We have weakness and we need to identify those.  I 
>alone can't identify them and I am sure there are so many things I 
>know.  To increase participation and to draw participation from all 
>people from Burma and all supporters, I sent those.  My only intention 
>is want to see the proper leadership and direction.   Everybody's 
>suggestions are needed to seek and everybody's opinion are valuable to 
>include in the consideration (for your leaders' consideration).   After 
>identifying the problems, we and all come up with solutions and options 
>to approach the weakness.   You alone, I alone and the leaders' alone 
>can't solve the problem since those are the problems of all.   That is 
>what I have intended. 
>           When pointing out some weakness, it is our task.  All 
>people's task.  Do you know what Daw Lay Aung San Suu Kyi said?  "We 
>shouldn't blame only on BSPP for what had happened in the country 
>because it was part of our fault that we didn't point them out as we 
>needed to."   When seeing a weakness, if you really love the struggle 
>and if you really love ABSDF, you must point out it so that it can see 
>its weakness and it can learn to change.  As Daw Lay Aung San Suu Kyi 
>said, it is our task and all people's task.  I won't stop it.  Pointing 
>out and presenting my suggestion is task and you can take it if you 
>and if you and ABSDF and the groups don't want those, you can just 
>ignore it.   Accepting criticism is a practical way to see our real 
>image.  I don't criticise yet except once to NCGUB.   
>             This is the time to discuss about the weakness and find 
>the solutions through dialogue.  If people ivolve in discussion, it is 
>good even if it can't be creative.  The more the people think and 
>involve, the better their brain power is and the more they become 
>productive.   That is my will.  I want to advise you that please read 
>previous message throughly and interpret it.  You will see, I just 
>suggesting and urging ABSDF.   
>               When we live in a place where we can exercise democracy, 
>we should practicise democratic norms and means.  I know there are so 
>many difficulties on the border.  However, as the revolutionaries to 
>replace suppressive regime, no reason should be an excuse to violate 
>rights and no reason should overwhelm to stop exercising of the real 
>democratic means.  Unless we practise in our real lives, there is no 
>meaning in our revolution.  As I told you, expression of my suggestion 
>is my right and you have the right to ignore.  However, accusing 
>groundless is ridiculous and unacceptable for the democratic society.
>     Ko Zar Ni,
>                  As a Burmese and as a person who still value our own 
>culture, I can still distinguish the gender by looking at the name.  In 
>Burmese culture, no one I have ever seen use Mr, Ms, Mrs, Madame.  I 
>wish living in USA didn't make you forget your own Burmese culture.  I 
>don't mind being called Ko or U or Daw or Ma.  
>                   Importantly, does FBC list belong to you and is it 
>your personal list?   Doesn't it accept expression of opinion on it?   
>know the history.  Please think the reason why it was created.   If it 
>is your personal list and it doesn't accept expression of ideas and 
>opinion for the attempt to free Burma, please reply to me publically so 
>that everyone can know it is your personal list and it doesn't accept 
>expression of opinions.    Don't hesitate to reply.   
>                 I know you are trying to raise awareness about Burma.  
>Please give the clear whole picture of the situation and it will help 
>all of us in practical way.  When all know the whole picture, they can 
>come up with suggestions and practical assistance.   It will not be 
>honest to show the portion of the picture.  I know that you and Dr. 
>Naign Aung has close conection but that shouldn't be an issue to stop 
>expression and pointing out the weakness dutifully.   
>                  When saying about negative effects, it is easy way to 
>force someone to stop expression.  What do the negative effects mean 
>what can be the long term effect for withholding information?   I have 
>to go to work and I must stop here.  
>               The more weakness I see, the clearer I know that I need 
>to stay in the second country where I don't want to.  The longer we 
>to mend the weakness, the more we ignore the suffering of the people.   
>We should learn from past experiences and all should have access to 
>learn those weakness too.
>Nyein Chan                 
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