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Information Sheet No. A-0165(I)

                  Information Sheet

No. A-0165(I)					Date.11-10-97

(1)		Ministry of Commerce Holds Business Seminar 46

		Business Seminar No. 46, sponsored by Ministry of Commerce, was held at the
ministry on 10 October. The Ministry of Commerce is holding business
seminars, workshops and courses for local entrepreneurs to do their business
efficiently. Experts on ASEAN are lecturing at business seminar for local
entrepreneurs to know business functions of the ASEAN and means to
 participate in the association?s economic field as Myanmar has become an
ASEAN member.

		Retired Ambassador U Hla Maung, who is adviser at the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, lectured on phase by phase economic progress of new developing
nations of South-East Asia. President of Myanmar of Commerce and Industry U
Khin Maung Yi will lecture on economic objectives of ASEAN chambers of
commerce by the year 2020 at Business Seminar No. 47 which will be held on 24
October. Advisers at the Ministry of Commerce, the director-general of Trade
Department, managing directors of enterprises, entrepreneurs and departmental
personnel were also present.

(2)		Computer Science Diploma Course Opens

		One-year Full Time Computer Science Diploma Course of the Ministry of
Science and Technology opened on 10 October with an address by Minister for
Science and Technology. Minister said this is the first full time computer
science diploma course conducted under his ministry, adding such courses are
being conducted to bring out qualified technicians for building a new
peaceful, modern and developed nation. 

		Plans are under way to promote technicians according to their ability and
efforts, he stated. Altogether 101 trainees of departments under the Ministry
are attending the course.

(3)		Non-formal Education System and Work Programme Discussed

		A discussion on formal and non-formal education system and work programme
relating to Education for All was held at Myanmar Educational Research Bureau
on Pyay Road on 10 October. Present were Chairperson of Myanmar Maternal and
Child Welfare Association (Central), Vice-Chairperson of Myanmar National
Working Committee for Women?s Affairs, Advisers to the Education Group,
members of State and Division Working Committees for Women?s Affairs, heads
of work groups, members of Non-formal Education Working Committee, Adviser to
the Ministry of Education, Rector of Yangon University and professors and

		Chairman of Myanmar Educational Research Bureau explained history and
research on non-formal education system, measures being taken for  non-formal
education project and townships where measures will be taken for the project
up to Year 2000, public participation and assistance of  non-governmental
organizations for the success of non-formal education. The officials replied
to queries raised by those in attendance. 

(4)		Clarification for the Second Wave of Disinformation Attack

		The actual health condition of U Win Tin (NLD Central Executive Committee
Ex-member) has been clarified in the Information Sheet No.  A-0164(I). 

		In today?s Information Sheet Clarification on the health conditions of U
Aung Khin Sint and U Cho Aung Than shall be clarified. Actually, this
information has already been given to some of the international news

		Both, U Aung Khin Sint and U Cho Aung Than are being treated in Yangon
General Hospital. U Aung Khin Sint was transferred from prison hospital on
the June 11 and U Cho Aung Than on September 26. 

		U Aung Khin Sint is suffering from  high blood pressure, weak heart and
diabetes while U Cho Aung Than from high blood pressure. They are not
transferred to YGH because their health condition is serious. They are
transferred because the prison doctors and authorities concerned believe
their health condition will improve more quickly if they are given
extra-medical attention there. Likewise, other prisoners whom the prison
doctors and authorities concerned recommend for extra-medical attention are
also transferred, admitted treated in Yangon General Hospital. Their families
are allowed regular hospital visit and the essential needs are also provided
to them. Presently the health condition of both of them is normal. 

		The Myanmar Authorities concerned had quite recently renovated the prisons
and is trying its best to meet the essential retirements of the prisoners.
 At the same time it is also trying to upgrade the health facilities in the
prisons and provide extra-medical attention to all prisoners that it deems
necessary for precautionary measures and on humanitarian grounds. In this
regard, just because prisoners are transferred, admitted and treated in
Yangon General Hospital, it should not be interpreted that these prisoners
health are in critical condition. It should rather be looked upon as a
humanitarian gesture from the relevant authorities.


(A)		Minister for Livestock and Fisheries U Aung Thaung received Managing
Director of Hansawaddy fisheries Co Ltd Mrs Suphit Butsayarat at his office.

(B)		Minister for Energy U Khin Maung Thein received Manager of Chiyoda
Corporation Mr Makoto Sakakura and party at his office.