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The following is an unofficial translation of the resolutions of
the NLD Congress held on September 27-29, 1997. 

National League for Democracy
97-B, West Shwegondine Road, Bahan Township

The following are the resolutions from the NLD Congress held on
September 27-29, 1997, the 9th Anniversary of its founding.

Resolution regarding the reports

1) The reports on the current political and economic situation
and the reports submitted by the NLD Youth Central Working Group
and Central Women's Working Group were approved with necessary


a) ...'the call on the SLORC for an actual implementation of the
UN Convention on the Rights of Child which Burma has ratified' in
accordance with the procedures of the Convention regarding child
labor is to be included in the NLD Youth Central Working Group

b) ...'that SLORC is responsible for failing to prevent both
under-aged women and women who have reached the age of consent in
Burma from working as prostitutes in neighboring countries which
is against Burmese social and cultural norms' is to be included
in the Central Women's Working Group report.    

Resolutions regarding speeches

2) Speeches delivered by the Congress president, Chairman and
General Secretary are to be put into the records.

3) We proudly noted the fact that the NLD has awarded its first
Peace and Democracy Award to Mr. Vaclav Havel, President of the
Czech Republic, as mentioned in the speech of the General

4) We recorded that a 'spirit of cooperation without holding
grudges and without any personality cults' is to be used as the
NLD's guidelines in organizing. This was mentioned in part of the
response by General Secretary Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to questions
posed by delegates.  

Resolutions regarding elections and the Pyithu Hluttaw

5) In accordance with Article 2 (f) of the Election Law the
winners of the 1990 election were put into the state records. The
term of office for elected representatives cannot be determined
by the Election Law. The term can only be determined by the
Pyithu Hluttaw.

6) In accordance with Article 2 (a) of the Election Law,
the elections held (in 1990) is for the Pyithu Hluttaw (National
Assembly) and not for a Constituent Assembly.

7) We demand the Pyithu Hluttaw be convened by the organizations
authorized to do so. This is in accordance with Article 3 of the
Pyithu Hluttaw Law which states that the Pyithu Hluttaw must be
convened by elected representatives. 

8) We object to the authorities forcing the resignations of
elected representatives from the Pyithu Hluttaw through various

9) We demand that the Election Commission immediately submit its
reports (on the elections) for it has failed to do so despite the
fact that the elections were held more than seven years ago.

10) We ratify that all NLD elected representatives, state and
divisional Organizing Committees and various Working Committees
of the party have given their consent with their signatures,
responsibilities and duties to the Chairman and the General

11) We conclude that the only way to solve the social, political
and economic crisis that has plagued the country is through a
meaningful dialogue which the people of Burma genuinely desire.

12) We decided to hold a convention similar to the Pin Long
Conference to discuss the social, political and economic problems
of Burma, bearing in mind the importance of national unity.

Resolutions regarding party matters

13) We ratified and reinstated the positions of U Tin Oo and U
Kyi Maung as vice-chairmen and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as General
Secretary, which is also in accordance with the Election
Commission Statement No. 245 issued on March 3, 1989, that states
'intra-party matters are to be officially tackled and carried out
by the party itself'.

14) We agreed to expand the membership of the Central Executive
Committee (CEC) in order to execute the work of the party in a
broader and more effective way.

15) We demand that the NLD be given freedom to organize, hold
meetings and print and distribute literature because it is a
legal political party.

Resolutions regarding restrictions and repression

16) We demand the unconditional and immediate release of all
political prisoners.

17) We demand the authorities to put a stop to all restrictive
and repressive actions and abolish all legislation that is
against the principles of democracy and human rights.

Resolutions regarding social matters

18) We urge the authorities to effectively implement Burma's
compulsory education system for primary schools. 

19) We urge the authorities to work towards supplying sufficient
medicines and medical equipment to hospitals and village clinics
to improve the health of the people.

Resolution regarding general issues

(20) We fully support NLD Statement No. 9/97 issued on September
17, 1997.