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Re to New Dictator on the net

Are you a new generation of BSPP and SLORC?

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>Subject: Ko Aung Kyaw and Ko Zar Ni  POINTING OUT ABOUT ABSDF AND     
>Please e-mail him direct! None of this babble should be on the 
Burmanet. OK?
>Dear Ko Aung Kyaw and Ko Zar Ni,
>                 Sorry for my late reply and for replying in a message
>for both.  First of all, what is the definition of blackmail Ko Aung
>Kyaw?  Many newspapers and many news agencies quote reliable sources
>without saying their identifications.  For example, when ABSDF sends 
>internal information on the net, it doesn't mention the sources because
>of the security reason.  Everyone understand that.  According to your
>standard and definition, all seem like involving in blackmail.  When 
>say the news will not be reliable without saying the source exactly, do
>you think about those factors too.  I can't provide security for them
>and so I can't tell their names.  You will not even think to provide 
>security.  When ABSDF and all news groups sending out information under
>that circumfrence, that doesn't mean blackmail at all.  Please make 
>you know what you are saying.  I feel cold in my backbone when asked to
>identify the source.   I am afraid of their security if I don't keep
>secret.   Blackmail is defined that when someone is asking a demand in
>return for not disclosing information about something.   I take
>responsibility over what I sent.  I can prove and I have sufficient
>documents.  However, you have the right to say that those are wrong or
>right.  You didn't say anything that whether those were right or wrong.
>If you think you are sure those are wrong, you can post it on net and I
>will prove.   I am writing with my penname and so are you.   Well, 
>whether your accusation is meanful or not.   I am just wondering that
>accusing sending blackmail is a new means to stop others' opinion?  Spy
>and then, blackmail!  You hid your position in the guise of a supporter
>only and you were not sincere when you wrote the message.   Why 
>you present ABSDF response as a representative of it?
>              First, I have to tell you that, I know what effects could
>happen when I posted ABSDF internal informations.   I will tell you my
>intention under this. No reason should be an execuse to withhold
>information.   Moreover, I know that those will hurt our images (not
>only ABSDF but also all).  However, when you keep quiet, those become
>parasites and will jeopardise the whole struggle.  BSPP shew only good
>images of it to the people and never expressed its weakness to the
>people honestly.   When the people learnt about those weakness, all
>things were in bad shapes.  We as revolutionaries, should be sincere 
>open to the public.  So that all can get the whole picture to examine
>and to help.  You have asked Radio Free Asia to stop broadcasting about
>the execution too.  Please stop practicising that suppresive acts as
>BSPP did and SLORC does.  Those are not good to copy though.
>               I sent out those informations with the following
>intention.   To compare and examine the past situation and present
>situation.  To make all aware that we have weakness and that we need a
>change.  Moreover, could you find any word that I criticize ABSDF?  I
>didn't criticize and I just pointed out the points and urged to mend
>those.   You didn't read the message well.   In our struggle, you know,
>I know and everyone knows that we have weakness but we never talked and
>discuss about and never find out how to mend them.  Never seek help 
>others too.  Moreover, we seem much reluctant to accept that we have
>weakness.  It is pretty late and we must talk and discuss about those
>weakness in order to find remendies.
>               Look! We have weakness and we need to identify those.  I
>alone can't identify them and I am sure there are so many things I 
>know.  To increase participation and to draw participation from all
>people from Burma and all supporters, I sent those.  My only intention
>is want to see the proper leadership and direction.   Everybody's
>suggestions are needed to seek and everybody's opinion are valuable to
>include in the consideration (for your leaders' consideration).   After
>identifying the problems, we and all come up with solutions and options
>to approach the weakness.   You alone, I alone and the leaders' alone
>can't solve the problem since those are the problems of all.   That is
>what I have intended.
>           When pointing out some weakness, it is our task.  All
>people's task.  Do you know what Daw Lay Aung San Suu Kyi said?  "We
>shouldn't blame only on BSPP for what had happened in the country
>because it was part of our fault that we didn't point them out as we
>needed to."   When seeing a weakness, if you really love the struggle
>and if you really love ABSDF, you must point out it so that it can see
>its weakness and it can learn to change.  As Daw Lay Aung San Suu Kyi
>said, it is our task and all people's task.  I won't stop it.  Pointing
>out and presenting my suggestion is task and you can take it if you 
>and if you and ABSDF and the groups don't want those, you can just
>ignore it.   Accepting criticism is a practical way to see our real
>image.  I don't criticise yet except once to NCGUB.
>             This is the time to discuss about the weakness and find 
>the solutions through dialogue.  If people ivolve in discussion, it is
>good even if it can't be creative.  The more the people think and
>involve, the better their brain power is and the more they become
>productive.   That is my will.  I want to advise you that please read 
>previous message throughly and interpret it.  You will see, I just
>suggesting and urging ABSDF.
>               When we live in a place where we can exercise democracy,
>we should practicise democratic norms and means.  I know there are so
>many difficulties on the border.  However, as the revolutionaries to
>replace suppressive regime, no reason should be an excuse to violate 
>rights and no reason should overwhelm to stop exercising of the real
>democratic means.  Unless we practise in our real lives, there is no
>meaning in our revolution.  As I told you, expression of my suggestion
>is my right and you have the right to ignore.  However, accusing
>groundless is ridiculous and unacceptable for the democratic society.
>     Ko Zar Ni,
>                  As a Burmese and as a person who still value our own
>culture, I can still distinguish the gender by looking at the name.  In
>Burmese culture, no one I have ever seen use Mr, Ms, Mrs, Madame.  I
>wish living in USA didn't make you forget your own Burmese culture.  I
>don't mind being called Ko or U or Daw or Ma.
>                   Importantly, does FBC list belong to you and is it
>your personal list?   Doesn't it accept expression of opinion on it?   
>know the history.  Please think the reason why it was created.   If it
>is your personal list and it doesn't accept expression of ideas and
>opinion for the attempt to free Burma, please reply to me publically so
>that everyone can know it is your personal list and it doesn't accept
>expression of opinions.    Don't hesitate to reply.
>                 I know you are trying to raise awareness about Burma.
>Please give the clear whole picture of the situation and it will help
>all of us in practical way.  When all know the whole picture, they can
>come up with suggestions and practical assistance.   It will not be
>honest to show the portion of the picture.  I know that you and Dr.
>Naign Aung has close conection but that shouldn't be an issue to stop
>expression and pointing out the weakness dutifully.
>                  When saying about negative effects, it is easy way to
>force someone to stop expression.  What do the negative effects mean 
>what can be the long term effect for withholding information?   I have
>to go to work and I must stop here.
>               The more weakness I see, the clearer I know that I need
>to stay in the second country where I don't want to.  The longer we 
>to mend the weakness, the more we ignore the suffering of the people.
>We should learn from past experiences and all should have access to
>learn those weakness too.
>Nyein Chan
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