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courtesy (r)

At 11:19 PM 10/9/97, you wrote:
>Dear Nyein Chan,
>I am asking you politely, both through the bumranet and directly to your
>hotmail account, to please:
>1. set up your own server list or 
>2. write directly to the people you are concerned with about this ongoing
>hysterical attack against the organisations of your choice.
>I hope you will pay attention to this request, since it is much shorter than
>the lengthy tirades you have been subjecting Burmanet subscribers to.
>I have been automatically deleting anything posted by
><nyeinchan@xxxxxxxxxxx>, which is a little sad, because you may have been
>posting useful information in between your personal battles with other
>Thank you for your kind attention.
>Debbie Stothard
>A L T S E A N - B U R M A
>*tel: [662] 275 1811/693 4515 *fax: [662] 693 4515 *e-mail: altsean@xxxxxxxxxx
SORY Sory to hear prodemocracy groups are banning free speach. You people
are acting exactly like SLORC. Shame on you.