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regarding criticism to ABSDF

Dear all,

I would like to  point out the recent criticism to the ABSDF. I  believe 
constructive criticism among us. I appreciate U Thaung's suggestion of 
criticism among us. However, I am not the one who attempts to attack a 
political organization by black mail.

          The students on the border encountered the same hardship and 
difficulties as what those of who blaming ABSDF's leadership for their 
leaving, did in the past. Of course, the ABSDF's leaders had weak 
points. But in revolution,  I believe that one must endure the 
difficulties and hardship brought about by the enemy pressure as well as 
the weakness of our own if he or she believes the way of struggle. And 
those people who believe the ways of struggle should correct those 
mistakes and weak points rather than just leaving. This is what I 
believe the meaning of endurance. However, I believe that the reasons of 
leaving an orginization on account of different strategies, political 
concepts, ideologies and ambitions, on a basic ground, are very natural 
and acceptable.

Those of students who still striving on the border encounter much more 
hardships and difficulty ever than before since ethnic groups went for 
cease fire and the accumulating pressure from the Thai government. 
Nevertheless, those students  are still standing for what they believe. 
They endure the hardships caused by the enemy and the weak points of 
their own and try to correct them. I appreciate those students and 
leadership for the endurance. 

I actually hesitate to write this letter because this can jeopardize the 
understanding between the students on the border and the students in the 
third countries. But, I have to express what I have to say since some 
people have done intentionally or emotionally something leading to the 
misunderstanding among us. 

I like to remind those of who that just write whatever your opinion only 
as your own and do not include every students to support your reason. I 
am one of the students in Third countries supporting the ABSDF 
financially or morally.  

On the other hand, I never hesitate to point out their weakness but not 
by black mail with misleading information like "200 students 
surrendered" and  "70 students left southern camps" and so on.

Please remember that the ABSDF is continuing their struggle and 
conducting  non-violent mobilization inside Burma even though the 
pressure and suppression from each angle. They are the same 
revolutionary generation as we are and our comrades. I also like to 
suggest the  ABSDF to response such kind of misleading information 
although those of who do not or dare not reveal who they are.


Aung Kyaw

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