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Re: Information requested from Burmanet
Hello to you. My name is Christina Pedder and I work for the Centre for
Children's Rights in Bangkok, Thailand. I am interested in obtaining current
information concerning children in the refugee camps located on the
Thai/Burma border areas.
I am compiling info for our international network and hope that you can
provide me with the current situation- eg. numbers of children in the camps,
their living conditions, health situation and the main problems they are
facing. I would also like some good background info, particularly the
position since the beginning of this year to the current time - eg. forced
repatriations, attacks on the camps and anything that will be helpful. We
get some newsletters on Burma and the camps but minimal so its difficult to
keep up to date with the problems concerning children and women. Can you
also recommend any documents, studies or writings that others have compiled
that will also assist. We are a child right's organisation so I am mainly
interested in information that is primarily about the children in the camps
and perhaps any other issue concerning Burmese children that is a concern.
The address at CPCR is - 185/16 Charansanitwong 12 Road, Bankok Yai
                Bangkok  10600. Thailand 
I understand that I can subscribe to Burmanet FOC so am very interested in
doing this in order to receive ongoing information from you.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Christina Pedder
International Relations