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Intormation Sheet No. A-0159(I/L)

                         Intormation Sheet
No. A-0159(I/L)					                    Date.6-10-97
                               Let Us Have Credibility 
		In the Bangkok Post of 6 October there appeared a news item titled " SLORC
incurs wrath of the many gods". The Bangkok Post has stated that the Kyandaw
Cemetery in Yangon has been bulldozed by investors for property development.
Furthermore, it has also mentioned that,"--- the now deeply religious Gen. Ne
Win was offended and came out of retirement to order a high-level criminal
investigation of the SLORC generals who gave the stupid and disgusting
		It is shameful to see such kind of unsubstantiated information being
published in a reputable newspaper. We regret that the Bangkok Post gave
priority to sensationalism rather than credibility by printing such
ridiculous items.
		Regarding the rumours about the Kyandaw Cemetery an explanation has been
given out through the Information Sheets NO-A-0050 dated 28 May 1997 and
NO-A-0076 (I/L) dated 28 July 1997.
		To quote a few lines from the explanation given out through the Information
Sheet :-
"---In Yangon at Kyandaw Cemetery there are Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and
Islamic cemeteries all located in one area. A large part of this ground is
Buddhist cemeteries sharing other religions having smaller portions. This
cemetery in the olden days used to be at the outskirts of the city. In view
of facilitating a decent and purposeful place of the dead for whom the rites
and rituals observed by different religions a plan has been envisaged by
Myanmar Authorities to initiate a new Multi Religion Square".
"---The Kyandaw cemetery ground is now being cleared up and will turn into a
"Multi Religion Square" where the respective religions will have the role to
establish, install and decorate religious embraces of long term vision. This
former cemetery will not be used for any other purpose but only for the Multi
Religion Square where the (4) religions will establish their respective
objects of burial markings in designated areas." 
"--- Before implementing this project relevant authorities from all religions
involved were invited to have a cordial and cooperative discussion and
implementation took place after being consented. Foreign Ambassadors in
Yangon and Myanmar Ambassadors abroad have been informed of the situation and
undertaking by the relevant authorities, hoping the project and its
objectives can be fully appreciated and the negative and destructive rumuors
being constantly created to bring misunderstanding and chaos among religions
are to be outrightly and effectively eliminated. Moreover this project is we
believe one of its first kind in the world itself where monuments from
different religions will be facilitated in their respective faiths to
symbolize peace, harmony and unity among the (4) different faiths prominent
in Myanmar."
	The Bangkok Post also claimed that Gen. Ne Win was offended by this act and
ordered a high-level criminal investigation of SLORC generals .Printing such
unsubstantiated materials for the purpose of sensationalism is violating the
proper ethics of journalism. We would very much like to see Bangkok Post a
reputable and credible newspaper but not a PAPARAZZI type of paper which
gives priority to sensationalism only.