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Myanmar deports Kiwi gatecrasher

		Myanmar deports Kiwi gatecrasher 

     BANGKOK -- The Myanmar government questioned and deported a foreign 
     juggler after she tried to show off her craft to opposition leader 
     Aung San Suu Kyi, officials and sources said. 

     New Zealander Jude Smith, 37, was picked up on Sunday after she was 
     detained while trying to get into the Nobel laureate's house where a 
     key meeting of her party was taking place. 

     Ms Smith, who said that she was invited to the politically-charged 
     meeting, was detained and quizzed by immigration officials before being 
     bundled onto a flight to Thailand along with her fluorescent juggling 

     She had been in Myanmar for two days, hoping to arrange a juggling 

     The National League for Democracy congress that was going on was 
     attended by 700 delegates and described by Ms Suu Kyi as the most 
     successful in years. 

     A senior military official in Yangon confirmed that Ms Smith was 
     deported as her invitation was not in her name and as her "activity 
     was something  different from her profession given in her visa 

     He denied she had been interrogated for hours, saying that she had 
     been "questioned for a maximum of about 45 minutes". -- AFP. 


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