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RFA (Burma) Broadcasting Regarding

Dear Taw Kyaung Thar and friends,
		I am heartly sorry to learn that some of us really don?t know and 
don?t still realize our real situation on the border.  
		Please think a moment about what you are saying.  First think where 
the word "NATIONAL INTEREST" often came from.  We often heard that word 
from SLORC whenever it wanted to cover something and it wanted to stop 
accusation for what it did.  Well, you are saying the same so that all 
can stop pointing out the mistakes that ABSDF and others made.  Do you 
know what BLIND SUPPORT means?  Blind support can be destructive and it 
will never help to direct the right way.  In fact, without saying and 
pointing out mistakes, it will destroy the struggle.  We must learn 
lessons from those mistakes so that we can stop and prevent such evil 
happenings.  Rumour and news are much different and when you say 
rumours, you must know what you are saying.  That execution really 
happened and ABSDF claimed that they were spies.  I think you should 
know that too.  When asking or preventing the revelation of such news, 
you are exercising BSPP and SLORC?s dark era and you are censoring as 
dictators do.  All authoritarian regimes censor the revelation of news.  
		I don?t know your age and I don?t know where you had been from 1962 to 
1988.  You, me and almost all grew up under the repressive regime.  Your 
parents  must to work under BSPP and my parents too.  You, me and all 
needed to survive under that regime.  There was no way you and your 
family could evade from that system.  U Soe Thinn worked with BSPP and 
that was so sure.  However, he defected from this situation.  Don?t you 
accept such defection?  Do you hate your parents and yourself for such 
situation that forced you to work with BSPP for your survival?  We must 
accept everyone who realizes what he / she did isn?t proper and who 
		Why did you get to Canada and why did you leave the border struggle?  
Just think about that.  Why did you leave from ABSDF and why did you 
need to come to Bangkok?  Those are important to think.  If you, me and 
all who once worked with ABSDF satisfied with the leadership and its 
capability, we shouldn?t have left it.  We all keep quiet what happened 
and we all abandoned it instead of attempting to change it.  Have you 
carefully read, Bertil Litner?s "OUTRAGE"?  If you had done, you would 
have seen what he pointed out about ABSDF from the start.  If we don?t 
point out the mistake and if we don?t try to change the wrong to the 
right, when can we change?  Will you keep quiet and stop doing right 
things when SLORC says " it is not the time and they are doing  those 
mistakes for THE NATIONAL INTEREST"? When will be the right time then?   
The National Interest should never be an excuse for what we did wrong.  
When we know today that we are doing something wrong, we must have 
courage to change that.  Can you think why SLORC can?t accept the 
		Where has ABSDF been heading?  There were thousands of students on the 
border in 1988 and in 1989.  But, now a couple hundred students remain 
in ABSDF.  Last month, September alone about 200 students and families 
surrendered (I don?t have confirmation about it yet.) in southern Burma.  
Over 60 students left ABSDF and came to Bangkok to apply UNHCR within 
July, August and September.  Why are those happening?  What is ABSDF 
doing to take measue of such happening?  We should think, learn and take 
action about the rise and fall of it.  If we still don?t realize the 
fall, we are definitely heading to the end of the struggle on the 
In ABSDF, Naing Aung and Aung Htoo led group wants to form a political 
party (Well! a new one again) and Moe Thee Zune wants to remain as 
ABSDF.  They have three month long testing moment and now it is about 
one and half month only left.  It is not appropriate to form a new 
political party amid this depressing situation.  But it is time to unify 
all (but not with the way - to urge other groups to  work under its 
ultimate control).  The longer we are different, the more we will be 
away from our goal and the more the people will be suppressed.  Though 
ABSDF?s influence is falling, it still has something to organize for the 
ultimate unity and to unify and merge all groups and all people 
together.  ABSDF should take that role rather than thinking to form a 
new political stand for its leaders.   It is not the time for personal 
gain and personal politics.  It is the time for dedication for the 
country and the people.  ABSDF is at not its end yet and it still has 
time to learn from the mistakes and to change to the right.  The 
comparison of past situation and present situation on the border will 
teach us and contribute many lessons that we certainly need to take 
seriously.   We have formed many new organizations already.  But, we 
still don?t achieve the ultimate unity among us.  It is the fundamental 
need for the success.  We don?t need any more political party but we 
certainly need unity (not only on the paper).
It is very sad in our generation that no leader serve as ordinary person 
in a group after he  loses his position.  Look back to the ABSDF?s 
former leaders.  When their turn was finished as the leaders, they left 
the group the settled in other countries.  Very amazing leadership!    
I wish Taw Kyaung Thar and friends could learn and exercise democracy 
while living in Canada and learn more effective things for the 
revolution instead of blind support.
Nyein Chan

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>Radio Free Asia (Burma) Under U Soe Thin  and  recent broadcasting of 
the execution
>As a pro-democracy Burmese student, I suspect that many SLORC people 
have infiltrated
>the radio programs in Burmese from America.
>We had an unpleasant experience with Myint Myint Zaw who collaborated 
with SLORC,
>by neglecting to broadcast DASSK's interview and broadcasting Khin 
Nyunt's interview
>instead. She went to Burma, Khin Nyunt greeted with red carpet, and 
arranged a special
>airplane for her to travel to Pagan and Mandalay. Fortunately, that 
SLORC mole was
>quickly removed from VOA as many pro-democracy protested.
>Now, RFA (Burma) is going along the same lines. People should 
understand that an
>armed struggle is hard to manage in proper. There are no regular legal 
process in
>the jungle, people have different psycho-status as being pressured by 
jungle life,
>and, most important of all, SLORC infiltration is everywhere. Under 
these circumstances,
>anything can happen.
>The execution by ABSDF is not acceptable. But, who is to blame. Any 
>can occur. Everybody who has been through the jungle life understands 
this. Though
>these mistakes are not acceptable, they should not be magnified by 
putting on the
>airwaves. Airwaves go everywhere. And, any broadcasting like this is 
>to SLORC.
>I am asking who is perfect. I am wondering if RFA (Burma) under U Soe 
Thin might
>want to broadcast all the gossips regarding such important political 
>as NCGUB, CRDB, DBSO, and so on. Since nobody is perfect, things 
sometimes can go
>wrong. But, what RFA (Burma) should consider is national interest.
>We really doubt that U Soe Thin is behind this smear campaign. We never 
trust him
>based on his background. My Burmese friends here in Canada, who have 
been living
>for 20 years, told me that he was a prominent official from BSPP 
(Ma-Sa-La) embassy
>before 1988. He is highly snobbish and really oppressive to the Burmese 
in Canada.
>He was never willing to help the Burmese if they want to apply new 
passports etc.
>And, he has a lot of connections with Ma-Sa- La military officers. And, 
he still
>keeps in touch with SLORC military officers who are his old friends. 
Friends from
>DC told us that his activities are highly suspicious, and they are 
afraid that some
>information are being leaked to SLORC.
>And, this incident has happened. Obviously, he is behind this smear 
>We have to take action to safeguard our democracy movement from SLORC 
>U Soe Thin is just another SLORC mole in Washing D.C.
>Taw-Kyaung-Ther and friends
>Toronto, Canada
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