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"Though these mistakes are not acce (r)

On 5 Oct 1997 thaung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> At 04:22 AM 10/5/97, you wrote:
> >From :  Moe Long to soc.culture.burma
> >
> >Radio Free Asia (Burma) Under U Soe Thin  and  recent broadcasting of the
> >execution
> >by ABSDF
> >
> >
> >As a pro-democracy Burmese student, I suspect that many SLORC people have
> >infiltrated
> >the radio programs in Burmese from America. 
> >
> >
> >We had an unpleasant experience with Myint Myint Zaw who collaborated with
> >by neglecting to broadcast DASSK's interview and broadcasting Khin Nyunt's
> >interview
> >instead. She went to Burma, Khin Nyunt greeted with red carpet, and arranged
> >a special
> >airplane for her to travel to Pagan and Mandalay. Fortunately, that SLORC
> >mole was
> >quickly removed from VOA as many pro-democracy protested.
> >
> >Now, RFA (Burma) is going along the same lines. People should understand
> that an
> >armed struggle is hard to manage in proper. There are no regular legal
> >process in
> >the jungle, people have different psycho-status as being pressured by jungle
> >life,
> >and, most important of all, SLORC infiltration is everywhere. Under these
> >circumstances,
> >anything can happen. 
> >
> >The execution by ABSDF is not acceptable. But, who is to blame. Any
> >mistake/error
> >can occur. Everybody who has been through the jungle life understands this.
> >Though
> >these mistakes are not acceptable, they should not be magnified by putting
> >on the
> >airwaves. Airwaves go everywhere. And, any broadcasting like this is
> >"advantageous"
> >to SLORC. 
> >
> >I am asking who is perfect. I am wondering if RFA (Burma) under U Soe Thin
> might
> >want to broadcast all the gossips regarding such important political
> >organizations
> >as NCGUB, CRDB, DBSO, and so on. Since nobody is perfect, things sometimes
> >can go
> >wrong. But, what RFA (Burma) should consider is national interest. 
> >
> >We really doubt that U Soe Thin is behind this smear campaign. We never
> >trust him
> >based on his background. My Burmese friends here in Canada, who have been
> living
> >for 20 years, told me that he was a prominent official from BSPP (Ma-Sa-La)
> >embassy
> >before 1988. He is highly snobbish and really oppressive to the Burmese in
> >Canada.
> >He was never willing to help the Burmese if they want to apply new passports
> >etc.
> >And, he has a lot of connections with Ma-Sa- La military officers. And, he
> still
> >keeps in touch with SLORC military officers who are his old friends. Friends
> >from
> >DC told us that his activities are highly suspicious, and they are afraid
> >that some
> >information are being leaked to SLORC.
> >
> >And, this incident has happened. Obviously, he is behind this smear campaign.
> >
> >We have to take action to safeguard our democracy movement from SLORC
> >infiltration.
> >
> >U Soe Thin is just another SLORC mole in Washing D.C.
> >
> >Taw-Kyaung-Ther and friends
> >Toronto, Canada
> >
> >
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> Dear Friends,
> I am deeply sorry to see a new trend comming up in the Burmese democracy
> movements outside Burma.
> 	Anyone who talk or write  criticism  about important democracy leaders from
> NCGUB, CRDB, DBSO and ABDSF is blamed as an SLORC agent easily.  It is not a
> right course.
> 	It is not time yet to talk about theese abuses, they said. When would be
> the time ?  We are fighting the military since 1962. Fascist,  covering with
> masks of democracy advocates are sharpenning their claws for a long time.
> Some claws are sharper than Khin Nyunt and associates. Some are more facist
> than SLORC now.  
> 	We, Burmese fight against SLORC, because SLORC killed people,
> misappropriated public funds and supress freedom of expression.
> 	Killing is crime. So also abuse of public fund is crime. Fascists used to
> supress freedom to cover their crimes. No one have the right to commit those
> criminal offenses. So also the democracy leaders possess no license to
> commit such criminal deeds. They should  even be more honest.
> 	No matter who committed  those crimes,  those offenses must be exposed
> whenever dected.  The public have right to know  about the wrongdoers and
> their misdeeds, at any time, all the time, so that they can recall their
> trusts from the hypocritical leaders.
> 	Otherwise, don't fight the present dictatorial rule.  We should not fight
> the present fascists for  the futur fascists.  Please think.
>       U Thaung   
> >
> >
      Dear Saya U Thoung,
      Now I feel that how far we are from the idea of Democracy; we
      are dread of democracy though we cried " We Want Democracy" in 88.
      The whole new generation is solely regime ( Ma Sa La ) made, flesh
      and blood. It shows that we have a long way to go.  Karl Marx once
      wrote, " I called revolution " changing of all hearts and raising of
      all hands."  We might have raised all our hands in '88 but
      definitely not have all our hearts changed. Our hearts are still
      MASALA/SLORC made. That means defeat is inherent with us right from
      the beginning.
      I remember an episode from " The Last Days of Thakin Than Tun " in
      which Ye Baw Htay was accused and murdered by his own son, Pho Htoo.
      So please be careful, the next time it could be you, after that one
      U Soe Tin. Here comes another cultural revolution of BCP's Pegu Yoma
      kind. It is so much of an irony that tragedies of modern Burmese
      history could repeat among us even beyond Burma's borders. 

      I have witnessed, on Jan 4th.'89 in Rangoon, when U Nu said, " It
      seems to me now that I have committed a mistake by striving to achieve 
      Burma's " Independence" !  He meant, ofcourse in sarcasm, that if
      there were no Independence in 1948, there could be no SLORC in 1988 !  
      I do not want you to face the same situation and lament like U Nu.
Myint Shwe