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TOTAL ad IHTweb (r)


readers, call and protest your outrage to the International Herald
Tribune for selling out, letting TOTAL paste their company banner at the
top of the IHT web page. 

What's wrong with it? First, its offensive, distasteful, painful to the
eye, and morally outrageous that a paper part owned by the respected New
York Times and the Washington Post, lets itself get prostituted and
smeared by TOTAL, a company severly criticized for its indifference and
lies while it defends its investment in Burma, and in the news today, in
the IHT meme, discounts Iranian terrorism as having nothing to do with
business. TOTAl supports dictatorship in Burma, and now TOTAL signs deal
with Iran, another outlaw nation bucking US sanctions. TOTAL is sending
a very dangerous message to the world, that human rights and
self-determination have nothing to do with the dictatorships that sign
oil and gas deals to sustain themselves in power while filling their
pockets with easy cash, and their prisons with freedom fighting
political prisoners all the while gaining international prestige and
discounting democracy as a trade issue.

Please blitz the IHT NOW. They have been fairly good in reporting the
tragedy in Burma, but now, with a paper dominated by its finance
section, and advertsing department, this is going to far, and brings the
entire press institution, their masters and journalists down to the same
level of treachery and betrayal as TOTAL and its narco-trafficking
outlaw states -- all for the sake of oil, gas  and profits. 

Incidently, the IHT is promoting TOTAL again at its oil and money
conference, where last year TOTAL's Desmarest was lead speaker.

Send your letters of protest now to

telephone the editors
 tel (33) (1) 41 43 93 00 
fax  (subscriptions) 33 1 41 43 92 10  ( tell them you cancel)
advertising tel: 33 1 41 43 92 12 
news 33 1 41 43 93 38 

Walter Wells, managing editor (daily news)
Richard McClean, publisher and CEO
Michael Getler, ex editor

Contact the NY Times and Washington Posts, send your objections there

if you want to write
write to
181, ave Charles de Gaulle
92521 Neuilly sur Seine FRANCE

Do it now. And tell them to drop the TOTAL ad campaign immediately!

Dawn Star