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Indo-Burma border news (r)

A peaceful demonstration at Falam Nursing college of 
Chin State carried out by first year students.
There was a peaceful demonstration at Falam Nursing college, Chin 
state by first year students from this college. At the end of October 
first week, the female students from this college went and discussed 
with the chairman, Law and Order Restoration Council of Falam 
township, to allow them for 10 days October holiday when the 
Khwar-Do festival (New year celebration of all Chin nationalities) 
and lighting festival of Buddhism are present. In this period they 
wanted to go back their home and stayed together with their families.
Lt. Col. Ye Htut, Secretary of Chin State Law and Order 
Restoration Council was informed step by step from township 
chairman of Falam and he replied that there is no holiday at 
lighting festival and Khwar-Do festival for all 18 Nursing colleges 
in Burma and he would not allow for it.
So, students from first year 36 in number and all are female, 
started their demonstration peacefully by not attending class 
just after lunch, as they dislike the reply of authorities. They were 
lying on the beds inside the hostel after closing all doors & 
windows. Although the teachers Daw Khin Sanda, Daw Cho Cho Lwin and 
Daw May Aye Myint went there to persuade the students for the situation
to be calm down, they did not open the doors absolutely.
So assistant In-Charge of administrative body of the college 
Dr. Than Than Aye called the emergency meeting to solve the 
present agitation of students. Professor Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Myint, 
ENT professor and Matron attended the meeting. All of them
wanted to slove this problem only at the lower level and to try
not to let the higher authorities know. So they sent 
Mrs. Daw Khun Sun Yaung, a senior nurse and other three blue-stuff
nurses to persuade the students. The teachers said to the students that 
they should not crate such kind of demonstration, they could ask 
whatever they want through proper channel, don't let your teachers 
getting headache and all of you should attend the classes regularly 
starting from tomorrow. 
The students are continuing the demonstration in the evening also by 
not taking their dinner. So professor Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Myint went and 
discussed with the chairman of Falam township Law and order Restoration 
Council. After step by step information, the secretary of Chin State Law 
and Order Restoration Council Lt. Col. Ye Htut, unofficially agreed to 
allow the students their return home for 10 days October vacation 
for lighting festival and Khwar-Do festival.
When the authorities asked the students;
-Who led this demonstration?
-Who ordered not to attend the class?
-Who created for closing doors and windows of hostel?
-Who instructed for not taking dinner?
But the students replied that we all unanimously took place 
everything on our own individual decision. 
Now the twenty students, out of 36 students from first year of 
this nursing college have gone back to their home after getting agreement 
from authorities as understanding, not officially,
Now the authorities from Falam is seriously investigating about who are
the leaders of that demonstration.  
News and Information Unit
ABSDF (Western-Burma)