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Indo-Burma border news (r)

Indo-Burma border news
Date, 12th Oct. 97
A new bazaar situated at Nanphalong ward, Tamu town of Burma was 
set ablaze by unknown gunmen last night. This incident was started 
around 30 minutes before midnight and ended at 6 A.M this morning. 
During this happening, there was 20 minutes long cross fire between 
security policemen for the bazaar and gunmen who committed this fire. 
Six Burmese policemen and two civilians, night duty watchmen died in 
this incident. The bullets directly hit and penetrated the walls of 
houses of both countries situated near borderline. According to the source 
of Manipur police, one Medrasi man from Moreh also died due to this cross
This bazaar is situated 50 meters away from barbed wire border fencing and 
opposite to Gate No. 2 of Moreh. This Nanphalong new bazaar was opened in 
mid April this year according to the order of Trade Minister Gen. Tun Kyi. 
There is around 450 shops and four rows of building in this new bazaar and 
all of those were burnt down last night. 
All the Gates between Tamu and Moreh are closed today and Burmese Army
are deployed at area of fire and taking place the tight security at border
inside Burma. 
An official cost of a shop is around 10,000/- Kyats and at present it is
more than 100,000/- Kyats as unofficial price. 
Similar attempt was occurred on 20th September and although two rows of
had been poured with petroleum, the bazaar was not practically burnt down
on that day. 
Total value of lost due to this fire is at least 15 Crores Kyats (Burmese
Although the Chairman of Tamu township Law and Order Restoration Council,
Kaung Zan Oo received one Crore Kyats from this bazaar as corruption,
and small-scale vendors from both countries became jobless and sinking in 
the ocean of troubles. After opening this Nanphalong new bazaar, morning
bazaar of 
Moreh was almost collapsed.
News and Information Unit
ABSDF (Western-Burma)