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October 22, 1997
"Role of neighboring countries is essential to restore democracy in Burma"
Technology provides exile Members of Parliament to meet each other and
their supporters. An exceptional videoconference was conducted this
morning between New Delhi and Washington, DC, which enabled Burmese exile
Prime Minister to discuss his colleagues.
Dr. Sein Win, briefing the current political situation of his country said
that the Generals have not made it up yet. He said, "They refuse talking
to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and time is running out for the SLORC while the
people are harshly suffering." But the Prime Minister appreciated recent
nod of the brutal military regime to convene NLD congress on 26-27 of
September. According to Dr. Sein Win, the state of affairs under the SLORC
is getting worse and worse. He also emphasized that India has moral
obligation at least to support the democracy movement. The Prime Minister
was confident of the students and the people standing by the NLD.
The former Congressman, Ton Andrews noted that denial of democracy in
Burma was an outrage and insult. Tom said, "India, the largest democracy
has practical obligation to support the democracy struggle." He also
pointed out significance of communications and media to return democracy.
U Bo Hla Tint, a minister in the NCGUB added the importance of regional
and international role in the democracy movement.
>From New Delhi, Dr. Tint Swe, an NLD MP spelled out the reluctance of
Indian government, which did not sanction an information center to open.
The former Indian ambassador, Dr. I. P. Singh explained that the people of
India and each and every political party are pro-democracy. The
congressman asked why India was hesitant to speak out the cause of Burma
and what was the source of fear to speak out? Dr. Singh said that it was
not the question of fear but only insufficient news and information about
Burma especially inside news was provided to the politicians.
Martin Hamburger, the public relations advisor to NCGUB inquired if the
students in India were active in support of Burma like the American
students who were successfully campaigning to boycott purchasing goods and
for withdrawal of American companies out of Burma.
The other participants of the rare videoconference were Dr. G. P. Vimal
(Director of Hindi literature), Mr. C. P. Prabhaka (U Maw Thiri), Mr.
Ramjeet Verma (NLD) and Mr. Onkareshwer Pandey of Rashtriya Sahara from
Delhi and Chris Homan from National Democratic Institute.
Dr. Sein Win expressed his desire to pay a visit to India to meet the
Indian political leaders and supporters. Dr. I. P. Singh on behalf of the
Indo-Burma Friendship Society extended invitation to the Prime Minister to
visit India.
# # #
The National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) is
comprised of the legitimately elected Members of Parliament from the 1990
national elections but denied from taking office by the military regime,
the State Law and Order Restoration of Burma.