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Joint Statement of Students and Act


Today, 18 September 1997, is the 9th anniversary of the Bloody coup in
We, students and all walks of people of Burma, peaceful demonstrators
were killed by well-trained army. After the Slorc took over the power,
it express that dictator never regard what
the people wish. People love democracy and fundamental rights such as
freedom of speech, thought, presentation and participation in politic.
But Slorc's trying to prolong a militarism in Burma, making oppression
of the people, making arrest political dissidents by unjust law and

We strongly believe that the military must be ousted from power and
people must strive to achieve a democratic society in Burma. It is
genuine wish of people boldly expressed against the total oppression,
human-rights violations and ignoring the 1990 election' result. Genuine
peace  can  be  preserved  only  when  the  ruling military  junta  stop

its  military operations  against the
ethnic nationalities and its oppressive and repressive measures against
the public  in general and  political activists in particular,  and
the  SLORC  must  come  to  the  political dialogue proposed by Daw Aung

San Suu Kyi.

We pledge on this memorable day of 18 September to struggle against the
military dictatorship and totalitarianism. We wish to do this in order
to follow up our comrade's sacrifices and fulfill our unswerving

Furthermore, although the people in Burma still face oppression and are
denied basic human-rights, Slorc has trying to prolong the dictatorship
in Burma. Therefore, we warmly invite and welcome democracy lovers,
whether individual or organisations, whether they are nationals or
foreign friends, to coorprate with us in restoring and perpetuating
genuine peace and democracy in Burma.

We therefore make the following demands;

-The SLORC must recognize the legitimacy of the 1990 election and  hand
 over power to the   election winners, the NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu
-All political prisoners of conscience in Burma must be released
  including student leader  Min Ko Naing.
-The SLORC must accept the political dialogue proposed by Daw Aung San
  Suu Kyi.
-All educational institutions  must be reopened immediately for the
  interest of the New   generation  of future Burma.
-The SLORC shall bring genuine peace to the country by stopping all
  kinds of political,     economic and military campaigns against  the
  races of Burma, especially minorities along the  border.

To the ASEAN:

Since  ASEAN  has  embraced  Burma under  the  rule  of the
illegitimate  regime as a member  ,  they should not merely enjoy  the
business advantages  from  Burma but  must take responsibility  for
the  negative  developments vis-à-vis- human  rights violations and  its

related refugees problems created   by   the   ruling  military regime
of  Burma.

-The ASEAN must abandon actions which permit the SLORC's oppression of
  the people of Burma.
-The ASEAN must encourage the development of democratic government  in
  Burma and review   its policy so-call 'non-interference'.

To urge the International community to,

- Pressure the ASEAN not to fuel the SLORC killing machine
- Cooperate and participate with U.S led trade sanction against the
  SLORC and protect the   Massachusetts Burma Law.
- Take action against those international business corporations who are
  dealing with the SLORC.

All Burma Students' League
Asia-Pacific Solidarity Network
Burmese Student Regional Coordinating Committee(Asia)
-All Burma Basic Education Student Union
-All Burma Students' Democratic Organisation
-Burmese Student Association (Safe-Area)
-Overseas National Students' Organisation of Burma
Joint Action committee for Burma's Democracy (JAPAN)
-Burma Youth Volunteer Association-Japan.
-National League for Democracy ( Liberated Area )-Japan.
-Students'Organization for liberation of Burma
Seattle Burma Roundtable