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Dear All,
               To the best of my knowledge,the federal authorities in DC
were contacted by the SLORC informing the past activities of Than Soe and so
the FBI whic has the background history of the immigrants cooperated with
INS and so the decision came.
Further,the case is still in a situation where we all can appeal on his behalf.


Julien Moe

At 09:34 AM 7/28/97 -0500, Kyaw Zay Ya wrote:
>Dear All,
>        Ye Yint (a) Than Soe has been arrested by the US Immigration
>Department and is being detained in Chicago.  Than Soe came to the United
>States in August 1996 as a recipient of a USIA Burmese Refugee
>Scholarship, administered by Indiana University.
>        He was a student who actively took part in the
>1988 countrywide prodemocracy
>demonstration and because of his involvement in antigovernment
>demonstration, he was forced to flee from Burma.  In 1989, he and Ye Thi Ha
>hijacked a Burmese plane to Thailand, with a fake bomb.  They hijacked
>the plane to attract world attention to the situation in Burma and
>released all passengers without harm or threat. Than Soe served
>3 years of a six year sentence in Thailand and was amnestied by the Royal
>Thai Government and released in 1992.  During the process of selection
>for the scholarship program and immigration from Thailand to the United
>States, Than Soe made his past record completely clear to all officials
>from the scholarship selection committee and US immigration officials.
>        However, his application for asylum in the US has now been denied
>and he is being threatened with deportation proceedings. The treatment of
>Than Soe is unfair-he clearly explained his past record to all
>involved and was passed through the JVA/INS process in Bangkok.  If a
>mistake was made in admitting him to the US, clearly the mistake was not
>his.   He was brought to the US by USIA on a US government funded
>scholarship and is now being threatened with deportation.
>        Than Soe was detained July 25th in Indianapolis and has been
>moved several times.  He is currently in prison in Chicago.  He would
>like to appeal his case in order to stay in the US and have the chance to
>continue his education
>which he was brought to the US to pursue.   This information is being
>publicized at Than Soe's explicit request.  He is in good spirits but very
>concerned about his future and his possible deportation.  He requests the
>help and support of all of you.
>Thank you
>Kyaw Zay Ya
>Indiana University