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Confidentiality/ & FEER

Regarding security on the net, and the privacy of your mails, the
following tip came in from a well-placed and experienced source 

Also, has anyone seen the FEER perhaps last week on Chirac with
reference to French position in Burma? as am informed the magazine
printed something of notable value? Please inform here, thank you.

ps, a  previous posting regarding RFI (Radio France International)
should have caracterised it,- as the french are doing among themselves,
as 'Radio Slorc' (and not France Slorc).

Dawn Star 
Euro-Burmanet (Paris)

22 May 1997 
Re: re Confidentiality!

Dear Dawn Star,

 ..concerning confidentiality on the internet, perhaps you should 
also make people aware that the Thai intelligence services have a person 
working at every one of the country's internet providers, whether the 
provider knows it or  not. So e-mail from here isn't safe either. 

(this from a proven very  reliable source on the scene(-ebn)