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Mon information update

After the two Mon refugee camps at the Mergui area were burnt down by
Slorc's troops on April 27, 1997, the  New Mon State Party leaders plan to
move these refugees to
Halockhanee camp,which is located  opposite Kanchanaburi province.
However, those refugees
refused to move. They would like to stay there.   Halockhanee camp is also
danger now. According to the Mon National Releif Committee, the camp is
being controlled under SLORC's troops. The border crossing point is
being closed by  SLORC. So, refugees cannot run into the
Thai soil. SLORC  also prohibites the Mon National Relief Committee to
give aids and assistances to the
camp. The MNRC is
worrying the situations of refugees in the camp. Now, the New Mon
State Party is negotiating with SLORC to withdraw its troops from the camp.   

Pon Nya
Monland Restoration Council