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NCGUB Statement (r)

National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma


Statement in connection with the May 27, 1990 multi-party 
general elections.

May 26, 1997

1. Today is the 7th anniversary of the May 27 multi-party general elections,
the first  to be
held in Burma since  1962, and  the consequence  of the democracy movement
in Burma.

2. To show their dislike for military dictatorship and military regimes and
their wish for a genuine  democratic government, the majority of the Burmese
people including military personnel, had overwhelmingly voted for the NLD
headed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Out of 485 seats, the NLD had won 392.

3. The NLD believes that political problems can be solved only through
political means. Hence it has, many a time, called for political dialogs to
pave the way for national reconciliation and a peaceful transfer  of power.
However, SLORC has, up to now, refused to heed the NLD's offer for dialog.

4. SlORC has not only refused   to hand over power nor to engage in
political dialog, it  has, under various pretexts, prevented the NLD?a party
legally registered under the political party registration  act 4/88  ?  from
carrying out its activities. There have been more restriction, intimidation,
arrests, torture imprisonment and violent suppression of the opposition.

5. We strongly condemn the arrest of  193 NLD members from Mandalay,
Sagaing,  Irrawaddy, Pegu and other Divisions to prevent them from attending
the ceremony  commemorating   the  1990  general elections, and demand that
they be released as soon as  possible. SLORC's actions clearly demonstrate a
lack of rule of law in Burma.

6. SLORC  authorities have, through their  propaganda machines, been
irresponsibly saying that the 1990 elections  results are not valid anymore
because  the term of the parliament  is over. However, SLORC's elections
commission laws do not mention anything with regard to the term of the
parliament. Since the term of the parliament begins only with the first day
the parliament sits and according to the decision made at the session, the
results of the 1990 elections are still deemed valid.

7. Although it has been seven years since the 1990 general elections, the
Election  Commissions, to date, has not produced its final elections report.
The Elections Commission has not only failed to do its duties, it has been
allowing itself to be used as a tool in carrying out SLORC's  orders, which
in terms of principles and  laws, it has no right  and should not.

8.   Following the US imposition of economic sanctions, SLORC, since May 3
of this month, has been forcing people in large cities through its USDA to
attend rallies where Daw Aung San Suu Kyi  and the NLD are routinely
attacked. This clearly is an attempt by SLORC to cover a dead elephant with
the skin of a goat. It is also an attempt to sow hared among its own
citizens and against the US. SLORC's narrow and short- sightedness does not
only threaten national unity, it is leading the country to imminent danger.

9.  In  accordance with the election laws, election rules and regulations,
declaration 1/90, promises made public at press conferences and the desire
demonstrated by the people in the 1990 general elections, SLORC's only
responsibility is to respect the wish of the people by summoning the
parliament as soon as possible.

10. SLORC has been doing all it can to become a member of Asean. But given
its inhuman and lawless actions, Asean will no doubt be used as a stepping
stone by SLORC for further suppression of it own people. SLORC's illegal and
lawless actions will inevitably tarnish the image of Asean. Hence,  Asean
should gravely consider whether SLORC ought to be admitted  into Asean or not. 

10.  The NCUB will continue striving until  the following objectives  are
achieved implementation of the May 1990 general elections. Dissolution of
SLORC's sham national convention. Dialog between  democratic forces led by
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ethnic nationalities and SLORC.

12.  As representatives of the people,  the NCGUB members will not forget
the wish expressed  by them in the May, 1990 general elections. Their wish
will be respected and the struggle will continue until it is materialized.

National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma