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information dissemination (r)

At 11:10 PM 1/30/97, you wrote:
>From: INEB Secretariat <ineb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>January  31, 1997
>Dear friends,
>as the Secretariat of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists 
>(INEB) we are very concerned with the political and social events of 
>Burma. We would be therefore very glad if you could put us on your 
>mailinglist for all your information.
>Our address:
>P.O. Box 19
>Mahadthai Post Office
>Bangkok 10206
>Tel./Fax: 66-2-433-7169
>email: ineb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Kind regards
>Martin H. Petrich
>Executive Secretary
My address is
U Thaung
1976 SW 67th. Terrace
Pompano Bch.FL 33068>