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ABSDF letter of condemnation

           SLORC and DKBA Attack on Refugee Camps in Thailand
                         Letter of Condemnation 
                                        Date: Thursday 30
January, 1997 

The ABSDF strongly condemns the attack by State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC) and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
(DKBA) troops on three refugee camps near Mae Sot on the
Thai-Burma border.

The ABSDF is calling on the international community to also
condemn the attacks which have left more than 10,000 Karen
refugees homeless. 

The refugee camps were attacked by the troops on the night of
Tuesday 28 January and two camps were burnt to the ground forcing
the refugees to flee. 

We the ABSDF,

1. Condemn the attack against unarmed refugees, 

2. Condemn the SLORC for encouraging and supplying weapons to the 
   DKBA renegades,

3. Condemn the SLORC invasion of Thai sovereignty,

4. Condemn the SLORC attack for the fear it has generated among   
   the local Thai people.

Central Executive Committee
All Burma Student' Democratic Front