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January 29, 1997

Flash News #2

Huay Kaloke (Wangka) Camp

The refugees from this camp have been without food or water since the
invasion and only at 2:00pm was some food able to be sent in by the Karens
not affected by the incident.  NGOs and relief agencies are now doing their
best to organize food and shelter for the victims.  There is still fear that
the invaders will return after dark and drive the refugees back into Burma.
The Thai military now has a small detachment deployed but the question is
whether they will attempt to repulse the invaders.  The feeling of
insecurity is great and uncertainty about future residence is rife.  The
invaders included SLORC troops from the Light Infantry Regiment 259 of the
101 division and some Democratic Kayin Buddhist Organization men.

Don Pa Kiang (Huay Bong) Camp

Reports from this camp are still very sketchy, but 1 Thai villager was
reported killed.

Mae La (Bae Glaw) Camp

The 70 invaders initiated the attack at about 6:15 am and were repelled by
the residents before they could enter the camp.  The invaders were then
surrounded and were unable to retreat back across the border.  They then
called for artillery support and shells were fired from the Burmese side
into the camp concentrating on areas around the hospital.  15 houses were
burned.  1 old woman was killed and 2 other persons were wounded.  The
invaders also suffered an unknown number of casualties.  1 corpse and some
weapons were left behind.  The weapons included 1 RPG 7 launcher and 2 M16
assault rifles.  Fighting died down at about 9:00 am but the invaders were
still unable to retreat.  They were waiting for nightfall to attempt to
retreat back across the border.


20 truckloads of SLORC troops were reported to have been sent up and at 9:00
am, troops were seen to be deployed along the Moei River bank.

Northern Refugee Camps

More refugees have been reported crossing the border into the northern
camps.  SLORC troops and the DKBA are destroying food supplies and rice
fields, forcing villagers to be porters and forcibly relocating villagers.
On 29 January 1997, 574 new arrivals have entered the Salween camps.

KNU Information Center