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Request by Bomu Aung regarding the

Subject: Request by Bomu Aung regarding the students demonstration

Following is the recent request made by Bomu Aung, one of the Thirty Comrades still alive, to the SLORC regarding the recent students demonstration. But it is found not dated.

Unofficially translated and distributed by the Human Rights Documentation Unit (HRDU) of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB).

The original Burmese version can be requested at this office.

Request regarding the students demonstration

	Regarding the arrest and beating taken place during the clash between the students from Rangoon Institute of Technology and Burmese Police Forces in October, 1996, we are learnt that students from Rangoon Institute of Technology had peacefully demanded the release of detained students and legal action against the policemen who involved in the beating of students. 
	The authorities has so far failed to take the proper action concerning this issue and to make it worse, it expelled some students involved in the demonstration.  Students staged an another series of peaceful demonstration again in December and it had spreaded into other colleages and some high school students. We were sadden to learn that the authorities of Slorc has used fire hoses and beating to forcily disperse the student demonstrators followed by mass arrest of the students. 
	With their firm belief of asking for their  demands as their just rights, we believe that students peacefully and independently demanded their rights and grievance without any other political influence.
	However, Slorc has accused that some politicians instigated the recent student demonstration. We are sadden again on the Slorc?s saying ? we will crush down all of our opposition?.
	We strongly believe that mutual understanding among the legal political parties and other ethnic forces as well as people from all walks of life is a must, especially while national solidarity is essential. We also believe that unity and peace can be built by negotiation among all the forces if and when there is a misunderstanding among them.
	The idea to cruch all the opposition forces when they do not support or agree could force forward the path of hatred, isolation and disstability rather than the path of unity. We believe that idea is pushing to the confrontation method which is not disired by the people.
	We are the people who have sacrificed our own  self-interest and fought for the struggle for independence in Burma and remain alive.  Although, Buma gained its independence almost fifty years ago, it has not enjoy the fruit of independece due to the many facts based on the political differences.  Now, we are in our 70s and 80s, and  we sincerely wish to see the fruitfulness of independence before we all pass away. In order to fulfill our dream, unity among the all ethnic groups is essential, we believe.
	As the univerities and colleges are the place where all nationalities are studying, we believe that the brutal suppression on the student demonstration is meant suppression on all nationalities . It is more or less effected on the unity among the all ethnic groups in Burma.
	Therefore, we would like to request to the Slorc to handle the student demonstraion as following solutions.
(1) To unconditionally release all students and politicians under detention who have been arrested with connection of student demonstration and to allow to re-enroll the expelled students.
(2) With the spirit of family, to negotiate and solve the rightful demands of the students.
(3) not to repeat the saying ? Crush all the opposition forces? , which is not suitable in Burma where the four cardinal virtues states of mind are being practiced.We have experienced the unwanted violence because of similar comment by the authorities in history.)
	We only want to present our views and suggestions , based on the unity and peace in Burma, for the sake of our country.

Wish to solve all the disunity in a peaceful means.
Wish to build up the united and peaceful Burma.

Bomu Aung and Comrades