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Wat Prot Bangkok raided (r)

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>Subj:	Re: Wat Prot Bangkok raided
>Date:	97-01-28 21:23:15 EST
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>Thai Immigration police raid Wat Prot , bangkok
>        At 5:00 pm of January 28, 1997, about ten Thai immigration policemen
>with two trucks raided Wat Prot in Yanawa, Bangkok and arrested about 70 Mon
>including about 30 novices staying in the monastery. Most of the arrested
>people had lived in the Thai-Burma border for long time and currently
>studying at Thai Hugh Schools in Bangkok. There were about 40 students
>including Mon girls at the monastery at the time of raid. They all were
>charged with illegal entry to Thailand and later taken to immigration
>Detention Center in bangkok.
>Immigration police sealed off the monastery until mid-night and investigated
>every people. They searched all the rooms in the building and some rooms
>were locked after searching. The abbot of the monestery was also taken to
>immigration department for questioning.
>        Wat Prot is the Mon monastery in Bangkok and a historic place where
>General Aung San and his thirty comrades formed Burma Independence Army and
>took blood oath in Bangkok.

How many of those girls will be processed into protestutes ???  Watch it
carefully.  Challege the Thais.