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Wat Prot Bangkok raided

Thai Immigration police raid Wat Prot , bangkok
        At 5:00 pm of January 28, 1997, about ten Thai immigration policemen
with two trucks raided Wat Prot in Yanawa, Bangkok and arrested about 70 Mon
including about 30 novices staying in the monastery. Most of the arrested
people had lived in the Thai-Burma border for long time and currently
studying at Thai Hugh Schools in Bangkok. There were about 40 students
including Mon girls at the monastery at the time of raid. They all were
charged with illegal entry to Thailand and later taken to immigration
Detention Center in bangkok.
Immigration police sealed off the monastery until mid-night and investigated
every people. They searched all the rooms in the building and some rooms
were locked after searching. The abbot of the monestery was also taken to
immigration department for questioning.
        Wat Prot is the Mon monastery in Bangkok and a historic place where
General Aung San and his thirty comrades formed Burma Independence Army and
took blood oath in Bangkok.