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Unocal political financing, Arco et

Subject: Unocal political financing, Arco etc???

dear one and all, 

Re the following, on Unocal, does anyone know what the UNOCAL
contribution to the Democratic and Republican parties was last year? And
previous years. Those with information about the Unocal lobby in
Washington are asked to proffer what they know on this issue. 

This morning, I read in the IHT (from the New York Times source) that
Arco gave generously (ranked 4th) to the Republicans among the top ten
corporate donors to the Rep Nat Committee " of soft money-contributions
" that are not subject to any limits and are often spent on behalf of
individual candidates.

Do  you have any figures on total oil company contributions to

Arco gave a total of $765,416 - to the RNC. (source NYTimes)
Unocal was not listed among the top ten which included, first Philip
Morris, RJR Nabisco, Amer Financial, Seagram, rown & Williamson Tobacco
Corp, ATT, US Tobacco, Enron, Plaza Cleaning, respectively

Did theNY Times publish a more detailed listing?

Thank you

Dawn Star
Euro-Burmanet -Paris

Times Wire Services

Unocal reported a fourth-quarter loss of $497 million, or $1.98 a share, 
contrasted with net income of $49 million, or 16 cents, in the year-ago 
quarter. It also reported a loss from discontinuing operations of $500 
million, or $1.99 a share, relating to the pending sales of its 76 
Products unit, contrasted with a gain of $16 million from discontinuing 
operations, or 6 cents, a year ago.


 30 Dec 1996 
 Big Business and the Democrats
Recipients of conference <labr.party@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 meglo01@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Olson, Gary L)

  According to an article in the December 25, 1996, issue of THE NEW
TIMES, corporate donations to the Democratic National Committee have
in four years, while union donations have remained the same.  

"For every  dollar labor gave to the Democrats in 1991-1992, when Mr.
Clinton was first 
elected, business gave four, but by 1995-1996, business donations
labor by a ratio of more than 9 to 1, according to an analysis of
records by Common Cause..."  Furthermore, in 1992, there were only 200 
members of  Democratic Business Council of large donors;  today the
has 1,900 members. 

Does anyone know how much money UNOCAL or TOTAL - gave to Calif. gov
Pete Wilson over the years -- if they did? I hope Zar Ni can get some
spiders on that guy!

thank you 
dawn star
euroburmanet -paris