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research sanctions articles

dear marcotty fabrice,
in response to your question ( i dont have your email as its not on the
posting by simon billenness herein, sorry to others for inconvenience as
it would have otherwise been posted directly) please check out
euro-burmanet <http://www-uvi.eunet.fr/asia/euro-burma/>
your best bet is to go to the business section in the sommaire, as well
as home page sommaire (main) and a bit all around -euro is good too.

we have just added more memory and you will see an extensive hyperlinked
archive for your research.

dawn star (paris)

s910452@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: s910452@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (marcotty fabrice)
> Subject: Re: Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions - 1/24/97
> >From: simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Simon Billenness)
> >Subject: Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions - 1/24/97
> >
> >Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions
> >
> >1/24/97
> >
> >The January 27 Boston Globe carries an Op-Ed by Dennis Bernstein and Leslie
> >Kean titled: "Impose sanctions on Burma."
> >
> >The Op-Ed contains the following January 10 quote by Aung San Suu Kyi: "If
> >the restrictions on the work of my party and on me personally are not
> >removed in the very, very near future - in a matter of days - I think the US
> >should start thinking seriously of sanctions."
> >
> >The Op-Ed argues that since the conditions of imposing the sanctions on
> >Burma have been met - arrests of about 100 NLD party members and
> >restrictions on Aung San Suu Kyi's movements - American credibility is
> >damaged unless the US takes action.
> >
> >I can fax or mail a clean copy of the Op-Ed to anyone who needs it.
> >
> >Simon Billenness
> >simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >
> Hello
> I m a Belgian student in business administration and I m preparing a thesis
> about investment in Burma. Because of that, I m deeply interested in every
> article dealing about Burma and investment boycott. Please, send me this
> Op-Ed on my E-mail.
> Thank you very much